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July 10, 2014 Week 5 My Last Week in the MTC

This email marks the end of my 5th week here at the CCM in Lima, Perú. It has felt kind of weird as the days have felt long but the weeks go by fast. Looking back it is cool to think of how far my spanish has come. From barely being able to communicate in the Lima International Airport to now being able to comprehend most people and being able to hold conversation with them. Now I am starting to have some problems with spelling and pronouncing in English as I think in Spanish. It has definitely been a cool experience here. I have formed quite a few friendships, which have been pretty crazy as I feel like I have known them for years. Now we avanzados only have a week left here at the CCM before we head out to our respective missions. In a week from now I will be getting off a plane in Trujillo and embarking on what I will be doing for the next 22ish months. I am excited to serve the people of Perú and enjoy this beautiful country some more.
Things here in Lima continue to be the same as they´ve been for the last 5 weeks. The weather is mild, humid, and overcast; and the driving continues to be follow a pattern modeled after the Wild West. Well I guess I will just move into how my week went day by day.
Tuesday (July 1)
Last P-day was pretty good as I described before. After I finish emailing we generally enjoy a devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC which features an apostle. However, last Tuesday since there wasn´t a broadcast that night we were instead treated to a documentary about the life of Thomas S. Monson. I found the documentary to be very insightful and interesting, and at the end I had the distict impression that he is a modern day prophet of the Lord and I cannot deny that feeling.
Wednesday (July 2)
This was my first day in my new district (107). It was definitely different than my previous district as the people in it take the classes very seriously.The silver lining is that in this district Elder Cowley and I started to learn spanish a lot more. We also started planting some seeds of humor, which were well recieved by all except by one.  Finally, at the end of the day I met Elder Zebetti (I might have spelled that wrong) who I guess played baseball with Daniel, my cousin. He seemed pretty cool.
Thursday (July 3)
Unfortunetly, my room was the victim by the sound of a mysterious alarm in the ceiling at 3:00 a.m. which was fun. Shortly after I found the clock, it mysteriously ended up being broken into many pieces on the tile floor somehow. Then as the day went on, Elder Cowley and I were able to rectify this event through the best guilt trip ever. So we do find ways to have a little fun with each other here. On a more spiritual thought, Elder Cowley and I did have a good conversation with our maestra on how we have doing. It was a very good conversation as we discussed how we had taught out "investigators" and then had a good talk about the importance of missionary work. I felt the spirit as we discussed its importance.
Friday (July 4)
Indepence Day! Eventhough I am here in Perú pretty far from where the Fourth of July is celebrated, I was treated to a pretty good surprise. During almuerzo, the cafeteria was very patriotically decorated and a feast was laid before us of American dishes (well what Pervians thought were American dishes). It was a lot of fun and I have some pictures attached to this email which show what ocurred. We still had classes and continued to teach our investigators who continue to progress. To those reading this email, I wish you all a late Fourth of July!
Saturday (July 5)
During our classes we focused on improving our teaching skills. We learned some more on how to focus on the needs of the investigator and adjust accordingly. The district is turning out to be pretty good and throught the efforts of Elder Cowley and myself, humor now exists. Finally, we listened to an awesome talk by Elder Uchdorf which described how we shouldn´t comprise our lives of waiting for finishlines, but rather enjoy the journey along the way.

Sunday (July 6)
This was my first Sunday here in Perú that was a fast Sunday. Thus in church we all got to bare our testimonies (in spanish) and I was impressed with how well the newer missionaries could share their testimonies. Then during Sunday school a couple convert missionaries sharred their conversion stories which were pretty awesome. Then later that night we were treated to a devotional offered by one of the CCM Presidency members. He offered a very good talk  (in spanish) on the importance in trusting in the Lord and that we need to act in order for the Spirit to compensate for our shortcomings. Finally, later that night I was finally able to roll my rr, it only took a couple months. But the fact that I have been trying for so long without any success and then to have it just come was truly a manifestation of the gift of tongues.
Monday/Tuesday (July 7-8)
Monday was picture day. It really struck home that I will be leaving soon and that my time here at the CCM is coming to an end. I also continued to have some spanish classes and taught my investigators for the second to last time. My spanish isn´t anywhere near perfect but I feel like I am ready to head to Trujillo.
Today (July 9)
I got to attend the temple today for the last time which was a very special experience. I am going to miss having that weekly opportunity. And I got to get some final shopping done befor eI leave Lima. Later today I will be teaching our spanish class which means I still need to prepare a lesson but I will get around to doing it. Procrastination is a virtue :)
Thank you all for your emails, I hope you all enjoy mine. This coming Tuesday I will be flying to Trujillo and changing things up so I am not sure when I will get to write next but it will be sometime.
Elder Pulsipher

4th of July Dinner Decorations in Cafeteria in the Peru MTC

Elder Pulsipher and one of his Peru MTC teachers

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