Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 11, 2014 Week 10 Branch Activities

     The weeks sure seem to pass by fast, I can hardly believe today is P-day again. I was talking to a missionary on Thursday who is leaving today and he said the time continues to pass by faster and faster until the last 6 months blur by. This week was fun as I continued to progress with my abilities. I am taking more and more of an active role in the work. Despite my Spanish, I feel like I am able to significantly contribute. We took on some new investigators this week who are pretty awesome. Two young men, named Juan and Immanuel, have been enjoying our lessons (and weekly soccer games) and want to become members of the church. However , their parents have been less receptive and don’t want their children to join another church. Perhaps with time things might change. We also started teaching V____who is pretty cool. He is the brother of the father to the P___ family who recently joined the church. He agreed to be baptized if he gains a stronger testimony of the things we teach, but he also needs to get married to his partner. It is very common to raise a family here without married parents. However, I feel like he will progress. We also have been working a lot with less actives. I feel like we are helping them to become active again, but I learned a lot about the importance of fellowshipping. Most of the people go inactive because they don’t have friends in church and therefore don’t enjoy going. So I have been working hard, but always keep a positive attitude.
      I also spent a lot of time working with the Branch. We usually spend a little time each day visiting with members to help strengthen their testimonies and to help them better understand their callings. I love working with the members and I even got a jar of peanut butter from one of the sisters ( I miss American food) which is hard to come by in Peru. As was discussed during my first zone conference on Thursday, the emphasis of missionary work now with the Work of Salvation is to work with the branches and/or wards.
     With regard to working with the branch and strengthening it, I have been trying to improve our weekly activities. This past Friday we had “A Day in Ancient America” which entailed an enactment of the Book of Mormon. We actually got pretty into it with dressing “authentically” and what not. I was Nephi, the Angel that appeared to Alma, Jesus Christ, a nephite who is killed in the final battle, and Joseph Smith. So I did a lot of changing clothes and I spoke a lot of Spanish. The activity was the best attended yet as the majority of the active members were present. The next day my pensionista, Hermma Teo, said that she had understood what I said and that my  Spanish has improved a lot. On Sunday, I gave a talk about the Book of Mormon which went surprisingly well. I was told afterward that everyone understood me and enjoyed my comments, though they did have to listen intently. Also, church attendance went from 41 to 53! So I have something to show for my work.
      Overall, it has been a good week as I have worked with the Branch and my Spanish has improved. Enjoy the photo of me dressed as Nephi. I am told there are a lot of photos of the activity on Facebook. But I am not able to use Facebook. I hope you all enjoy the coming week.
Elder Pulsipher

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