Tuesday, August 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 Pictures of Elder Pulsipher on his Mission President's Blog

The following are pictures of Elder Pulsipher that were taken by his mission president's wife on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 and posted on her blog on June 19
Here is a link to this photos on that blog:

 Here is the caption of this photo on the mission president's blog "Walking down the street in Lima, we ran into some great looking missionaries.  They were all smiles and said, "we think we know you!"  Yep it is true, they are missionaries from the Lima MTC, all headed to the Trujillo Peru Mission.  We were so excited to meet them."
Elder Pulsipher listening to his Truijillo mission president after dinner at the Peru MTC (back of Elder Pulsipher's head is closest to the camera farthest to the right)

Elder Pulsipher is farthest to the right side of the photo closest to the camera.
Caption from the mission president's blog: "We so enjoyed meeting with the Elders and Sisters.  It reminded us of 1 year ago when we met our missionaries in the Provo MTC…we love our missionaries."

"Eating a little dinner at the Lima CCM"
Caption from the mission president's blog:"Can't wait until you all get to Trujillo, thanks for the great evening"

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