Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July 21, 2014 Week 7: My First Week in San Jacinto, Peru

     I am typing this email from a little computer place in San Jacinto, Peru. San Jacinto is a little town about 3 and a half hours south of Trujillo. The weather is pretty good, I amagine that during the summer it will be very hot here. But for now the wether is nice and sunny. The little town is in large part supported be a sugar refinery located in the middle of it. There are a few cars here but there are a lot of tricycle motorcycle taxi things. Which are a perfect for the mixture of paved roads and rough dirt roads. The holmes vary from humble stick abodes with dirt floors to nicer multistory concrete tiled holmes in the center of the town. I am living in one of the nicer places in an a roughly 500 square foot apartment. It is fully tiled and furnished so I can´t complain, I just wish it didn´t only have cold showers. I have a pensionista that cooks for me some pretty awesome food, she is the Pervian mother I never had. She also is kind enough to wash my clothes.

     My new companion and trainer is Elder Coca, he is from Argentina and speaks a little English (I am helping learn more). So I have been forced to really usse my spanish almost 24/7. It has been hard to say the least, as my vocabulary is fairly limited and I don´t understand a lot of what of some people say. So it has been hard to fully express myself. I really want to completely understand others and speak everything I want, but I guess that will come.

     This past week has been very emotionally taxing and edifing. Being thrust into this completely different lifestyle with only spanish has been hard, and I actually felt homesick for the first time. But I prayed for the comfort of the spirit and as I did I was immediately comforted and was able to get through the week with a smile on my face. I am loving the people here.  The members of the local Branch are awesome and patient with my broken spanish. The people here are generally friendly and very willing to talk about religion. As we contact, everyone listens and most give us their address so we can visit them later. Something not possible in the U.S. I remember contacting while I lived in Yakima and never getting anyone to even listen.

     Despite my spanish, I have able to help teach a lot in a meaningful way. There is one family in particular, the Pajuelo family, who I love teaching. They are easier for me to understand and are very friendly and teachable. They are recent converts and are truely awesome.

Well that is it. I will email every Monday from now on. I wish you all the best.

Elder Pulsipher
San Jacinto, Peru

The airplane Elder Pulsipher flew on from Lima to Trujillo, Peru


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