Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July 28, 2014 Week 8 Second Week in San Jacinto, Peru

     ¡Happy Dia de Independencia de Perú! Yet another week has passed and I am now at the 2 month mark. Only 22 left.... I kid. In all seriousness though this week was much better than the last as I have become acquainted with the area and I am becoming acquainted with the Branch members as well. Last week (my first week here) was hard as I had to adjust to very different circumstances, but I am growing to love San Jacinto and the work that is to be done here. I am far from being fluent in spanish and I don´t understand everything I hear, I have learned to roll with it. I am very capable of teaching lessons in spanish and golding simple conversation though. The work is hard and we do a lot (I mean a lot) of walking, that is the way it is suppose to be. A though that kept coming into my head this past week was that the reason this work is hard is because it never was easy for Christ. Thus I am not going to wake up to a line of people waiting outside my door waiting to be baptized. Rather I have to work and have difficulties as Christ did. In honesty, I have never felt this close to Christ before as I am doing his work. Another thought that has stuck with me was something that my District Leader said during a meeting in Casma. He said that it is a blessing to teach the gospel in a foreign language because as doing so forces us to completely rely on the guidance of the spirit as we might not understand what an investigator says.

     We have been working hard and have taught a number of less actives and new converts. We also obtained about 3 new investigators who all require some different approaches. One in particular, A_____, was ready from the start. We taught him the day after we contacted him and he received everything well. Though he has some difficulty understanding how to do an unmemorized prayer. Quite a bit more has happened from me giving blessings in spanish to helping cement a house to trying to make a video conference function, but I don´t have time to get into it all. So for now, Buenas Tardes from San Jacinto.

Elder Pulsipher

P.S. Enjoy the photo of my new fury companion and the other photo of what I ate during today´s holiday (Cui, but I will let you look up what Cui is).

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