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June 17, 2014 Week 2 End of Second Week at Peru MTC

Another week has come to a close at the CCM. I am continuing to love it here in Peru. The weather continues to be great, as does the food. Over this past week I have been able to venture into Lima a couple times and it is a massive city. I will discuss about it some more below. I think what I will do from this time on is start my emails with a brief intro like this and then describe my week day by day. Please excuse my typos as I don't have a lot of time.
Wednesday (June 11)
As it was the day after P day we hit our spanish classes hard. My companion and I taught a practice investigator for the first time. We could only teach in spanish which meant that I did all of the talking since Elder Cowley is struggling with the langauge. It was a hard but good practice.
Thursday (June 12)
Another awesome day in Peru. Elder Cowley can I got much better at teaching together in spanish. Our lessons went much better and our investigator, Cristina, started to progress. Our other investigator turned out to be difficult as she didn't beleive in God.
Friday (June 13)
I noted on Friday that my spanish was betting a lot better and how amazing it was that my whole district has come so far. Teaching was even better as our lesson on the First Vision with Cristina went well. When we Taught Iris I learned two important lessons. First I learned that it is very important to dig deeper into people's feelings. It would have been easy for us to sort of think Iris was too hard since she hadn't prayed in 13 years. But as we pressed further we found out that when she was 15, her parents split up and that that was why she stopped praying. The second lesson was that if as a missionary I pray and properly prepare for my lessons, the spirit will guide me in my lessons and fill in for my inadequatcies.
Saturday (June 14)
On Saturday we all got to leave the CCM and proselyte in various parts of Lima. I went to a part of Lima located in the Central Lima mission. It was a fairly impoverished area, but I loved it and the church was really nice. I was companioned by Elder Blanco, a Peru native who will be serving in Daniel's mission (Lima East). Elder Blanco is pretty awesome though he speaks hardly any English and I told him to look for Daniel. We taught one discussion with a less active family and then went about contacting people. I learned that I need to work on my spanish some more, but I also learned that I can't wait to get out into the field.
Sunday (June 15)
I was able to recharge my spiritual batteries on Sunday, as we can focus on the gospel instead of the langauge on Sunday's. I got to watch the Testaments film and some Apostle talks.
Monday (June 16)
We taught Christina for the last time and she is willing to be baptized (at least in theory), my companionship was the only one able to get her to commit which is testament to how well we work together. We also got to leave the CCM again and ventured into a part of Lima which had some historic grandeos buildings. It was very pretty. We started our Visa paperwork and then stopped what has got to be the nicest Pizza Hut I have ever been too. I almost felt underdressed. It had some really good pizza too.
Today (June 17)
Last but not least was today. We got to go to the Lima temple again which was cool and I did the whole session completely in spanish for the first time. This visit was by far the best one I have ever had as I felt the spirit very strongly. After the temple we ran some errands and got some snacks. On the way back to the CCM we somehow ran into my Mission President and his wife from Trujillo. What are the odds? They were really cool and made us even more excited to go up north to Trujillo. They also confirmed that we will be flying to Trujillo. Check the blog of our Mission President's wife to see pictures of us.
Well that concludes my email, enjoy the pictures and my God bless you all. I really appreciate your emails. A note that I won't have time to read long emails in their entirety so keep that in mind.
Elder Joshua Pulsipher 




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