Tuesday, August 19, 2014

June 10, 2014 Week 1 First 1.5 weeks at Peru MTC

      Well I am now a missionary for La Inglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos del los Ultimos Dias! The CCM (MTC) is great and I guess I will start with describing the area and the CCM then move into my spiritual experiences. We arrived at about 1:30 a.m. last week at the CCM when all was said and done traveling from the airport through Lima. Let me say that the driving here is absolutely insane, there is no sense of traffic law and the drivers just honk their horns and keep their food down. I am surpised that more car accidents don´t occur. The area of Lima next to the airport was pretty rough and defintely seemed like a third world country, but the CCM is located La Molina which is a much nicer part of Lima. Lima is an awesome city with weather that is much like coastal southern California, it is overcast everyday in the 70s but it doesn´t rain, I love it. The CCM is really cool since there are only around 100 missionaries so just about everyone knows each other. I am in a district of missionaries which are all from the States. There are three main buildings here which have classrooms, offices, dormatorios, etc. There is also a basketball court, ping pong tables, a volley ball court, and of course a full size soccer field. The cafetaria always has really good Peruvian food which usually consists of arroz, pollo, papas, fresh squeeshed juice, and pan. Although I did have a meal yesterday which didn´t have any arroz which was surprising.
     My district is comprised of six Elders (male missionaries) whos names are Elder Heward, Elder Elder Cook, Elder Price, Elder Pulsipher (yes he has the same last name), Elder Cowley (my companion), and myself. We have become really good friends and are all going to the Trujillo mission. So yes there are two Elder Pulsiphers going to the Trujillo Mission at the same time. Elder Cowley has turned out to be pretty awesome since he is very outgoing and constantly cracks jokes. I am sure I will talk about them more in my upcomign emails. We are all learning Spanish well as it is much better than it was when we first came here, undoubtedly due to the gift of tongues. I also have to take a moment to think Ivan Rojas for all the help he provided me in getting ready for coming here as my Spanish was/is well above par. I might even leave the CCM two weeks early (for my mother I enfuasize MIGHT).
     Today we went out for our preparation day and got to experience La Molina first hand. First we went to the temple which I will explain further below. Then we went to a couple of stores were I was able to pick up some stuff and practice my español. I can´t explain how much fun it was to walk around and experience life here, it definitely got me pumped to go out to Trujillo (I included some pictures in this email). I also have talked to a lot of people about Trujillo and everyone has nothing but good things to say about it.
     To those reading this that plan on serving missions, I want to know that Satan will do everything in his power to prevent you from serving by the use of doubts and temptation. Know that you can get through these that you are making the right decision. Finally I would like to mention that I attended the temple today and that was very rewarding. It was cool to go do a session en español and to feel the peace that temple provides. The temple here is small but very beautiful.
Leaving from Pasco, WA airport for Peru MTC
Riding the bus from the Lima Peru Airport to the Peru MTC

Lima, Peru LDS Temple

The view from inside the Peru MTC looking out into the city

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