Tuesday, August 19, 2014

June 24, 2014 Week 3 Meeting my Trujillo Mission President in Lima

     I have only been here in Lima for 3 weeks now, but it feels like I've been here much longer. I am fairly adjusted to missionary life now, well at least missionary life in the CCM. I still consider myself to be the complete opposite of a morning person but waking up at 6:30 isn´t that bad. The other missionary rules such as staying with your companion and wearing missionary attire aren´t that bad either. As for Lima itself it is still the massive city that it always is. Though this week the sun and blue sky was actually visible a couple times which was pretty cool. Well I guess I will get into how my week went then.
Tuesday June 17
     After I emailed all of you last week, I got to meet with my Mission President and his wife again as they came to the CCM. They were able to better explain how they run the Trujillo Mission. Apparently there are a lot of norte americanos going to Trujillo in the coming weeks which will greatly increase the number of missionaries in Trujillo. This also means that my first companion might not be a Latino. My mission president said that he wants us to build and strengthen the church, and not focus on baptizing and numbers. My kind of guy. He also explained that this is an exciting time to be a missionary as the hastening of the work goes forward. Especially with a Temple being built in Trujillo.
Wednesday June 18
     We had to wake up at 5:20 in order to head to INTERPOL and continue the VISA process. I had to get fingerprinted like 4 times and then they ran out of wipes so I was stuck with inked fingers for a while afterward. It was also on this day that I had a powerful lesson with our investigator, Iris. I shared 1 Nephi18:3 with her and then bore my testimony on the importance of prayer. It was during this that the spirit bore witness to everyone in the room about the truthfulness of my words. Thus even though my Spanish isn´t the best, the spirit will make up the rest.
Thursday June 19
     We continued our Spanish studies and our investigator teaching. I taught Iris on the importance of sincere prayer as demonstrated in Enos and in Moroni 10:4-5. She responded well to it and accepted our challenges. Cristina continued to progress along and she even accepted our invitation to be baptized in 2 weeks, well at least if this was really. Now we need to teach her about how to prepare for baptism.
Friday and Saturday June 20-21
     I finally started to master all the many different regular and irregular verb conjugations in the different tenses which was awesome. As my companion and I taught Cristina about the Plan of Salvation we learned a valuable lesson. We learned that rigidly planned lessons with few questions lead to poor lessons with very little help from the spirit. It was later that night as we taught Iris that we found that sharing a simple message along with a healthy amount of questions led to the best lessons as these allow the spirit to teach. It was also after this lesson that Iris spoke to us as an instructor, who told us that we are doing well and that our lessons have been effective.
Sunday June 22
     I always look forward to Sundays as I can take a break from my language studies and focus on recharging my spiritual batteries. I got to listen to an awesome talk given by Elder Bednar which was nice. After I got to enjoy a devotional given by the Mission President of Lima Este, Daniel´s mission. He gave a very powerful talk, in Spanish, on the importance of missionaries and how we can effectively connect with our investigators. I talked to him afterward and he was pretty cool though he seemed to be in a hurry. I mentioned Daniel, and I learned that his english is fairly limited. But I know that Daniel is going to love him. Finally, Elder Pulsipher, the other one, is our district leader now.
Monday June 23
     Monday was very cool in that I made some real good progress with knowing how to properly use por vs. para which isn´t as easy as it sounds. We also taught Iris about the Book of Mormon, which went pretty well but she is very difficult to get to progress. She is happy one day and then devastated/hungover the next. A true challenge to teach, but that is exactly what we are suppose to be practicing with so I keep teaching her.
Today June 24
     P-day´s are always the best and we can wear street clothes and relax. We also got to attend the temple again. My Spanish comprehension was much better and naturally it was a very peaceful experience. I haven´t done too much else yet except make this email so that´s about it.
     A final note that I am enjoying my mission and that Peru is awesome. Also thanks to everyone who sends me emails, I do like hearing from you guys.
Ta Ta for now,
Elder Joshua Pulsipher

Elder Pulsipher in front of the Lima Peru Temple

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