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July 1, 2014 Week 4 in the Peru MTC

This past week was the best that I have had at the CCM. My spanish has progressed a lot and I am now an advanced student. As we went about Lima proselyting and on P-day my comprehension of the native speakers was notably better. It is truly amazing how fast we have been learning spanish. Lima continues to be nice with regard to the people, the weather, and the food. I definitely am growing to love Perú more and more. Also last week I forgot to mention that my younger brother was called to serve the people of Boston this coming October. Okay now on to my days this past week.
Another day of teaching investigators and bettering my spanish. The spanish was super easy as it only pertained to progressive verbs. Our lesson with Cristina went well as I learned to adjust my lesson plan on the fly to tailor to the needs of the investigator. In particular I  used Mosiah 24 to comfort her in her difficulties. Finally the lesson with Iris also went well as she finally started to progress. Also our maestro de la noche had me start teaching part of our grammatical instruction.
Not too much happened but our investigators continued to progress as our ability to teach increased. I also found out that on P-day (Today) my district was to be split apart and moved to 2 other districts in order to make room for the 71 new missionaries that our coming today. I will miss my district but I guess change is usually a good thing. Also this meant that my "investigators" will start being my new maestros which should be interesting.
Saturday was the second time that we went out into Lima to proselyte. I was companioned up with Elder Starita who is from Boise and I might say is very talented with respect to music. Together we headed up to Lima Norte which was about an hour drive from the CCM. It was an interesting experience as our spanish is pretty good but nowhere near fluent. Thankfully we were able to enlist the help of Maestro Gonzales who evidently plans on moving to Park City within the year. Anyway, as we set out to talk to the menos activos in the local barrio (ward) we were greeting my many empty homes.  However, we were able to teach one person. As it turned out she stopped going to church because she had felt like she didn´t have very many friends there. Reaching out to everyone in a ward expecially new members is so important.
Saturday continued
We were able to talk to this sister and were able to comfort her and have her agree to attend church that week. Afterward we went street contacting for an hour and a half. I was surprised how receptive Peruvians are to discussing religion, definitely not like Americans. With the exception of a few drunkards, contacting went well as we spoke with over 16 people and were able to get 6 references. My spanish also was decent though I need to work on speaking faster.
Another day to rest from my studies. Church was uplifting as usual though the musical number given by my district was aweful as I am the only one able to confidently sing in spanish. I also better learned the different ways of how I feel the spirit in my life. Something I didn´t know that well before my mission. Finally we enjoyed a talk from Elder Holland which was awesome. He spoke on the importance for missionaries to convert themselves before they try to help others come unto Christ. He also spoke on how no missionaries should have reason to leave the church after their mission is they were truly committed to it.
The last day that my district was together. Our final lessons with my investigators soon to be my maestros went very well. As we testified and shared how the gospel has influenced our lives, some truly awesome lessons occurred. A perfect way to end the lessons with them. Also my morning teacher, Hermano Carpio, is going to be a father. Finally all of the advanced students whom I had grown attached to left for their respective missions.
We got to go the the temple which was amazing as my spanish was much better. Also we got to go shopping and load up on snacks. The day is going well as we await the arrival of 71 new missionaries, doubling the number of missionaries here.
Next week I will have P-day on Wednesday not Tuesday just FYI. Also don´t be afraid to email me, I do have time to time to read your messages.
Elder Pulsipher
Elder Pulsipher and one of his teachers at the Peru MTC (CCM)


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