Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 Week 13 I enjoy everyday of missionary work. I don't get many emails.

September 1, 2014 Week 14
     This marks my 13th week in Peru, my lucky number. The mission received 29 new missionaries this week, most of which are gringos, and my Zone (the most southern zone in the mission) got 2 of these new missionaries. So now we have 4 new missionaries including myself. The next transfer (Oct. 6) will mark the end of my training and it is possible that my companion or even I will change areas. However, for now the sun, the smoke from the factory, continues to rise over Jan Jacinto. I am loving the work here, I remember always hearing how hard missionary work is and I suppose it is, but I enjoy everyday of it. I haven’t received a lot of emails from everyone, but from what I heard it sounds like many of you are enjoying these emails that I send out each week. It is fun to communicate how my mission is going in English so I will continue doing so. And so I will dive into how my past week went.
     On Monday, I had my first contact with someone in English. He used to a baker in New York and he refused to speak in Spanish with me. He was noticeably happy to speak to someone in English and he was willing to hear our message. Other than that, this week has actually been fairly normal as we have had some days of much, much, much walking and many failed appointments and we had days of lesson after lesson as well. We started working again with a new less active member, I____, who has helped me understand the importance of maintaining and growing our testimonies. She had a strong testimony but failed to maintain it through the little things like scripture study, prayer, and attending church. It has been fun helping her rekindle that testimony, and what makes her different is that she sought us out. Something that doesn’t happen often.  However, it is so important that we do the small things for as Alma said it is by the small things that grand things are brought to pass. Like having a strong testimony and resolve to endure to the end and obtain eternal life.
     We also have quite a few progressing investigators who all have baptismal dates set for this month. So with a little bit of luck, we should have some baptisms this month. Amongst these investigators, we have I____ who is pretty awesome and he wants to join the church. His mother is fine with it, but his father is less receptive. But we will keep working with I____ and pray that his father softens his heart. S____ is also still progressing and is a very cool young mother. She just needs a little help with getting her kids to go to church with her. However, I think she will be baptized this month. We also have a couple other people but I won’t mention too much about them this week for the sake of time.
     As for other notable things, I have started helping the kids here with their math/science homework and English which has been fun, and it helps us to build some better relationships with the families in our Branch. Also, I will be going to Chimbote later today to finally meet with a doctor about Elder Coca’s eyes which have really been bothering him. We even had to stop working for a while on
Saturday because he simply couldn’t teach. I think he just needs glasses but we will see.
     Well in closing, I’ll just mention how much I am enjoying it here as I can grow closer to Christ and learn to speak Spanish more and more (right now my Spanish is very functional and I can communicate without much trouble). I hope you all have an extraordinary week and I will write again next week. Ta ta for now.
Elder Pulsipher

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