Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Week 15 Hike up to Ancient Ruins and Americana Activity

(Lots more photos are on the bottom of this page)
     Another week here gone by and what a week it’s been, I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps I’ll mix it up a little bit and start by describing a little bit about my proselyting. Because of other things that happened, my proselyting time was limited so I had a little less than usual. Our usual investigators and less actives that I have mentioned has slowed in general. This past week we started teaching A______ who is a character. He was my Spanglish contact that I had 2 weeks ago. Apparently, he sought out a nearby member to put him in contact with us. So we met him and he used to live in New York for 13 years as a baker, though his immigration wasn’t strictly legal. He has been back for 6 months and is anxious to learn more from us as he wants to establish more unity in his family. Also, we picked up a new less active named C_____ who hasn’t been receptive in the past, but after a powerful lesson of the atonement of Jesus Christ with the help of our Bishop she wants us to keep returning and to help her out. More happened this week with respect to proselyting, but I would like to discuss other things that happened.
     On Monday (P-day) we hiked to a nearby lagoon and river which were pretty. It was nice to see some bodies of fresh water and vegetation. We then hiked up a nearby mountain to the lagoon and got to explore a large unexcavated ruin at the top. It is truly massive with giant walls that you can see from miles away. It was really cool to see the giant head sculpted stones that once must have formed one large structure. The view from the top was all of the the many surrounding mountains. I took many, many pictures, I will try to share a couple. This area truly is one of the prettiest in the mission. We’ll be returning today with the rest of the young men.
     On Thursday was this month’s zone conference and a companion exchange. Quite a few little changes were discussed during this meeting like the fact that President Marler has decided that we should focus on quality rather than quantity, so we won’t be held accountable for counting contacts. This is something that I very much agree with and something I wanted even before I left the U.S.   Also, we discussed how the soon to be finished Temple  in 2015 in Trujillo will be large, larger than most temples in Utah. To this Elder Anderson asked our mission president if it’s too big, if we can fill it. What a work we have right now in this mission to have a goal, an expectation to fill the Trujillo temple which is much larger than the temple in Lima!
     Also, my exchange with Elder Buehler here in San Jacinto which meant I had to lead the work for a day. Meaning I had to talk with the people we met with almost exclusively, make phone calls, organize church activities, ect. It was a little hard, but I was able to do it. I have come a long way from the Gringo I was when I first came here. The following day we had interviews with the Mission President as he came down to this zone. It consumed most of our day in Casma, but is was good. I got some good advice how I can better help my branch.
     That same day (Friday) we had Noche Americana which I have been helping to plan for 2 ½ weeks. It was the most attended yet with nearly 40 people. They loved the American music (including Switchfoot), games (bowling and Pictionary), and the cookies I made. It was a lot of work but they all loved it. I also gave a talk on Sunday that was nearly equal to the talk I could have given in English, so my Spanish has definitely come a long way. As always I wish you all the very best!
Elder Pulsipher

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