Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Hiked to 2000 year old ruins

Week 16
September 22, 2014
     Yet another week has rolled by as we have but a week left in the month of September.  I have appreciated the emails I have received for some of you, I really do like hearing from everyone.  Just know that for luck of time I might only reply with a line or 2, but I do read every word. This past week has been fun as have my other weeks, I really do love it down here.  Sure there are hard days, a lack of modern conveniences and such, but I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t feel happy.  Well, I guess  I ‘ll just dive into how my week went.
     On Monday, I hiked to the nearby ruin again with the young men this time.  This time I really took in just how large this town is and how large and elaborate the structure must have been.  An all of this is on top of a small mountain, it must have been a sight to behold 2-3 thousand years ago.  Also, the view is truly epic. This Monday (today) we’ll be heading to Casma for a combined P-day which should be fun.
     I made some progress with the members we are working with. We met with the Z____ family on Monday for a Family Home Evening/birthday party which was fun, and I got some cake.  This family is continuing on the road to full activity, my goal is to help them prepare for the temple.  We also met with the P___ as we continue to help them along to grow in the church as new members.  We shared my favorite scripture about Christ’s atonement found in Alma 7:11-12 which describes how Christ suffered for all of our difficulties and hard times we have so that he could know exactly how to help us.  Finally, the less active member, J____, who we’ve been working with since I came here has made immense strides. She admitted she has not testimony of Joseph Smith or rather any part of this church. However, as we thoughtfully and simply shared the message of the Restoration with her along with a video she said she felt something for the 1st time!  Now she has finally opened up and wants to do all she can to obtain a testimony.  We are helping her with this by reading the Book of Mormon with her as she can’t read.
     We also picked up some new investigators this week, including one who used to live in Connecticut and used to attend church there.  We have many awesome investigators who are very receptive, the challenge is just to get them to progress, meaning continually keeping our commitments and attend church.  As everyone works on Sunday, getting them to attend church is especially hard.
     I’d like to also make note of the past Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, we had a multi-zone conference in Chimbote and we were privileged to listen to Elder Uceda, the president of the Northwest South America.  He spoke with real power as a general authority and I was excited to understand about 98% of his Spanish. He spoke about many things but I’ll mention two.  I liked his comment on how Satan uses fear to impede action, and that we should accordingly, “face our fears.” I also liked how he pointed out how repentance is change, it is being able to look back and say that person I was isn’t me. I also got to listen to him the next day in Casma as he spoke to the Branches here.  The first time a general authority has visited Casma. It was very special.
     Finally, I’ll just note that I started teaching English classes this week.  I will continue to teach every Tuesday and Thursday which should be fun.  I hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Pulsipher

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