Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 Great Teaching Experiences

Week 17 from Elder Pulsipher
September 29, 2014

     Another week gone by. This next week will be the last week of my training and this cambia (transfer). Which means my trainer, Elder Coca, or myself could switch areas, though I suspect that I’ll be here a little while longer. However, anything could happen. This next Thursday will also mark four months completed of my mission. Unlike last week not too much out of the ordinary happened this week. We didn’t have any general authorities like 2 weeks ago. Well, I will just dive into it like usual.

     Last Monday, we had P-day as a Zone which was fun. We all met in Casma for our P-days. First, when I wrote last week I was amazed by the internet speed in Casma with speeds comparable to the U. S.  unlike San Jacinto. After my email time, we all had lunch together and skyped our zone leader who returned to Louisiana 7 weeks ago. Then we headed over to the chapel with popcorn and watched Mulan with was good, I hadn’t watched a movie in a while. Finally, we all played soccer which was a lot of fun though I admit my soccer skills are fairly nonexistent. The following day was the weekly District meeting and some notable changes were our new emphasis to work with leaders and help them become more converted. The change was that we no longer will be baptizing children or anyone under 18 if their parents aren’t active members, as just about every minor that is baptized without their parents become inactive here. Our focus now in this part of the world really isn’t baptisms.

     After the district meeting, I embarked on an exchange with Elder Pontius. He is quite the example of an obedient missionary. I strive to be very obedient, but he is exactly obedient. It was nice to freely speak English with another gringo for a day. At first our lessons were less than perfect as we warmed up to teaching with each other, but by day’s end we had some really powerful lessons. During one we had with a member in which I challenged her and her family to finish the Book of Mormon by 2015, the Spirit was especially strong. The only low point to that day was that no one came to my English class. Though on Thursday I was happy to have about 10 people show up.

     As for investigators and less actives, we gained a few new investigators, but I would like to share an experience we had with one. On Friday, we taught the Restoration to an old investigator (she met with missionaries about 2 years ago). Now, before I’d been working on using the Spirit more to ask inspired questions and at the end of the discussion the Spirit told me to ask her why she had read parts of the Book of Mormon (a question that was way out of context), as I did ask her she opened up to tell us how reading it helped her to feel something special. Then we were able to help her realize that was the Spirit. This was cool as it demonstrates how we can do so much better when we use the guidance the Spirit gives us.

     As for church, this past Sunday I got to bear my testimony during sacrament meeting which I always enjoy. Next Sunday will be interesting as it will be Peruvian election day – meaning that there won’t be church, in fact all of Peru won’t watch conference until October 11th and 12th. I am not sure what I’ll be doing as I doubt we will proselyte during elections. Maybe we as missionaries will be able to watch conference using the internet. Well, I wish you all the best. Try to enjoy the week and love life!

Joshua Pulsipher

Elder Pulsipher

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