Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 Week 14

Week 14
September 8, 2014
Well, it has been a week, but I swear it’s only been 2 days. Time can really move fast, especially during the mission. I  know I have said it before but I feel  pretty well accustomed to life here in a little town in Peru. Life is definitely different here with a lot less of the things we enjoy in the U.S, but everyone here lives just as happy if not happier. Our material possessions really don’t matter.  With that said, I do miss some of the amenities we have in the U.S. but that’s okay.  On a different note, apparently I have a blog now at      which is pretty cool and it has all of my weekly messages, notes, addresses, and other things.  I will also give a shout out to my brother Brian who will be turning 18 this week on the 11th and will be heading on his mission to Boston on October 8th. Well, other than that, let me dive into my week with you guys.
     Last Monday, we got to enjoy our P-day like usual which is always a welcome break, some missionaries, might think it is a waste of time but I am not one of those missionaries.  At 4:30 p.m. we headed to Chimbote so Elder Coca could have his eyes finally checked.  I figured 2 things out, first that I don’t understand medical explanations in Spanish , and second that Elder Coca simply needs some medicine to treat his eyes (he just needs money now).  I also got some Pringles in Chimbote which was exciting. On Tuesday, we headed to Cosma for our weekly District meeting which was interesting.  To help out some of the sister missionaries who are learning English, I taught them the 1st lesson in English with another gringo. It was my first time teaching in English and I actually struggled to not speak Spanish, which is probably a good sign.
     This past week we picked up 2 investigators who are very receptive.  One named H____ attended church last Sunday and is very intent on finding the path that is correct. He is 25 and loves to read and study the scriptures.  We met him as the brother of a reference we received from a church member.  He has turned out to be an awesome investigator and I hope he continues to progress. The other investigator, O___, is in his low thirties and his wife and a 4 month old daughter.  He really enjoys our visits as he gets to ask questions and learn more. So we have been blessed to have 2 really awesome new investigators.
     I_____is also still progressing.  We had a family home evening with him and the young men in the branch. We shared how they can use the armor of righteousness to be protected from the fiery darts of Satan. One of the young men dressed up in “Armor” which made the activity that much more amusing.
There was also food which will motivate any young man. I also had a memorable lesson with the Z_____family in which I shared how Jesus Christ’s atonement wasn’t only for our sins, but also for our difficulties, illnesses and hard times. How for a moment he suffered for me, he suffered for you in the Garden in Gethsemane.  It was a powerful lesson. Afterward, I have the mother a blessing as she was about to head to Chimbolte to have a hernia surgically removed. I hear she is recovering well.
     Overall, we have had success with respect to working with our investigators and less actives. However, attendance was something we struggle with this week as only 6 people came to the Friday activity, and our attendance at church went down to 45 with no investigators or less actives in attendance.  But all is well, hard weeks come and go.  I wish you all the best and I hope your week will be awesome.

Elder Pulsipher


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