Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 Summer is coming to Peru

Week # 20 email from Elder Joshua Pulsipher
October 20, 2014

     We’re at week 20 now, I guess those teenage weeks are behind me now.  I suppose with 2 weeks my brother is basically the same he is just missing a zero.  This past week hasn’t really had anything occur out of the ordinary on terms of what I usually do.  Elder Palacio and I have become much more accustomed to one another, and we are starting to have some fruits to our labor which I will describe a little more about shortly.  The climate is starting to change here as summer (not winter  is just around the corner.  I admit I am not terribly excited for summer as I basically live in a desert without A/C so a hot summer should be fun.  But I still have a month or so before I need to think about that so I’ll just dive into my week.
     On Monday we headed to Casma for a zone P-day.  A drive that should take 1-1.5 hours but it took 2.5 as we had to wait a while for a car.  However, once we arrived in Casma we got to use the very fast internet and then we enjoyed a good lunch (cookie dough included) with the other missionaries.  Then we headed over to the soccer stadium and played soccer for 2 hours which was a lot of fun especially since I hadn’t seen a grass field since I left the states.  Also, construction started here in the center part of San Jacinto so now all of the roads in central are torn up as they are being paved or re-paved. Construction should finish this December or January.
      Returning back to the more spiritual things, Elder P_____ and I have had a great week.  We’ve been able to have awesome lessons with member both active and non-active. This has included some awesome lessons with Julia as we have helped her understand gospel principles one baby step at a time. It has been awesome to see her comprehend more and more, to which the Spirit has undoubtedly been part of.  We also started working with the Branch President’s inactive daughter for the 1st time and she was very receptive.
     We also had some success with investigators. We found a family who have been actively searching for Christ’s path and are very excited to learn more from us.  We also had a great lesson with M____.  She took Moroni’s invitation and truly prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  She received a very clear answer and wants to be baptized!  However, she has to convince her Uncle/Boss to let her take Sunday mornings off to go to church so she will need to talk to him.  I do think this is her time though.  So she will need to talk to him. I do think this is her time though.  If she does get baptized she will be an example of someone who was prepared by the missionaries but then is baptized a time later as that is their time (she was taught by the missionaries a year ago).  So the people I find and teach might have their time later, buy my efforts can help to prepare them to accept the gospel at a later date.
     I also gave a talk this past Sunday on how prayer, scripture study, church attendance, tithing, family home evening, and family history can prepare us to enter in the temple.  It went well.  Though it has been a little difficult to speak this past week as I am fighting a cold.  But my little cold is nothing in comparison to the sicknesses that the recent converts have.  As one is fighting cancer with a truly inspiring, positive attitude and as Marco is still very sick still from something still undiagnosed that has prevented him from attending church for several weeks now.  I’ll keep praying for them and doing what I can to help them. May you all have a great and tranquil week.  I’ll write to all of you again next week!

 Elder Pulsipher

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