Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 Organizing "Flight Night" ward activity in Peru

Elder Joshua Pulsipher   
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October 27, 2014
     Another week for the record books, yet another has passed. During this past week my younger brother headed to the field in Boston where he is now being trained. Now there are two Elder Pulsiphers from my family out and about, I hope the world is ready (Josh drew a smiley face here).  As for the little town in Peru called San Jacinto, the work continues and the temperature continues to rise.  The construction in town center also goes on day after day.  This past week has been good as we’ve started working with several new (for us) less active members, and as Elder P______ and I just have a lot of fun together.  It has turned out that we have quite a bit in common and we do take missionary work seriously, but we also have fun doing it with plenty of jokes.  I’ll also note that I’m sending this message from Casma as we now have to email here each week which means more traveling but I guess we get much faster internet and more time with the missionaries in Casma. Today we’ll watch a movie and then have a little ping-pong  tournament.
     Like I mentioned this has been a week in which we have made a lot of progress with less active members and now we have 7 we are focusing on. With our investigators, recent converts, members, and new less actives it is actually a challenge to manage our time to visit everyone. What a great problem to have. This is part of the missionary work that I enjoy most,  that is working with members both active and less active. I find it rewarding to help them press forward on a path I know that leads to true happiness in this life and in the next one.  There is one less active member in particular, L____, who has made visible progress this past week.  We have been teaching him for 4 weeks now and in his own words he is a difficult, stubborn man.  Before lessons would typically involve an uplifting thought and then end with some sort of heated exchange he would like to start about insignificant things like why “give” tithing is the way we should discuss it rather than “pay” tithing. However, we’ve been patient with him and this past week as we explained the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration he was much more teachable and the Spirit was so strongly present.  He actually thanked us for our persistent patience.
     On Friday was an activity which I named “Airplane Night” (except in Spanish) and it was awesome. We set up the chairs like the interior of a small passenger jet.  Then during our “flight” they listened to the captain make the usual announcements and watched a film (The Croods).  We even had someone act as the flight attendant with a cart of refreshments.  However, after 30 minutes the “flight” came to an abrupt end as an engine failure led to a crash.  Then my companion and I entered as angels (in our baptismal clothing) and introduced everyone to the spirit world.  Then we finished by posing a question of whether we’re ready if we were to die tomorrow?  It was a good activity.
     Then on Saturday I was surprised to have President Marler and 2 of his assistants briefly visit us in San Jacinto.  I guess they had been visiting Chimbote so they ventured a little further south to say hi. We just discussed the needs of San Jacinto and how he’d like us to slowly start working, with his help as necessary, with the leaders of “la fabrica” (the factory) in an effort to lay the ground work for a way for the workers who are members to attend church every Sunday.  Then he left as our visit only lasted about 10 minutes.  In any case, I thank those who have sent or are sending emails, I do appreciate them! I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful week!  Also, I wish you all an early Happy Halloween!  iHasta la proxima semana!

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