Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 Baptism of Jose

Elder Joshua Pulsipher’s letter to Friends and Family  
November 17, 2014  (many more pictures on the bottom of this letter) 
Week 24
     Well that’s 24 weeks now and since 24 is divisible by 6 another transfer has come to an end.  However, I will wait to the end to tell you if any changes will occur - a little cliffhanger for you all to enjoy.  I know my last week had a lot of firsts and was a week to remember but this week was also quite memorable. This past transfer with Elder P_____ has just been awesome as we’ve really had a lot of success in this area as I’ve described and more importantly we have plenty of fun doing it. Well I’ll cut this little intro short and cut into the chase as it were.
     The last p-day was pretty uneventful as we really just relaxed and slept which was nice. We almost never got to do that so once in a while it is something to enjoy.  On Tuesday, I started an exchange with Elder B_____ again which was a lot of fun. This was our 1st exchange together after my training so I felt a little more prepared as I have a lot more experience leading my area. We had some very good spiritual lessons with my investigators and less actives. Perhaps more importantly, he interviewed Jose who I mentioned 2 weeks ago.  Jose decided not to go to Chili so we had him interviewed for a baptism this past Saturday.  His knowledge and testimony are just awesome so he should be a great member.
     However, before I dive into Jose’s baptism I’ll make note that on Friday we had Noche Americana which was a lot of fun to have again. I’ve included some pictures of the activity which a flag took forever to make. They had a lot of fun playing musical chairs with American music and some very energetic  Pictionary. Though this time I just had them enjoy some Lays as I didn’t have time to bake something.  I was also happy because a less active family was there who we’re working with and I think they should be officially reactivated in 2 weeks time.
     On Saturday was my 1st baptism. It took most of the day to prepare as we had problems with the font leaking, but after some ingenuity and a very large tarp we got it filled. The baptismal service was very spirit filled and then the moment came in which we stepped in the water.  I was privileged to be the person to help Jose enter through the gate which is baptism as he wanted me to baptize and my companion to confirm. Apart from the water being cold all went well and I really loved the testimony he bore afterward. Finally, we ended with a cake we bought for him which was very tasty.
     On Sunday we had a Branch conference, meaning that the district presidency were in attendance along with President Mendez who is one of President Marler’s counselors.  It was a very special service as Elder Palacio, President Jacinto and I laid our hands upon Jose’s head and confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a privilege it has been to help Jose come this far, I pray he will be able to continue on the straight and narrow path. Later in the day we met with him and felt the Spirit so strong. He described how “his eyes were opened” and he felt much more peace after we laid our hands on his head. And after we could see a difference in him, he is not the same person. I am so excited to work with him as he has strengthened my testimony.
     Finally, as for changes……I’m not going nor Elder P____. We’ll be here at least till after Christmas. However, my district leader, Elder B____, is leaving to the area that surrounds the temple. He’ll probably be there for the dedication. I hope you all have a great week! Until the next time. I Hasta la proxima vez!

Elder Pulsipher

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