Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 What My Mission has Meant to Me

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     This has been another interesting week down here in a little town called San Jacinto. I guess that’s 25 weeks which is a quarter of a hundred which could be significant in some way.  I would first like to thank all of those who have sent me emails as I do enjoy reading them and hearing from all of you.  I just don’t have time to reply with more than 2 sentences a lot of times, so try not to let that discourage you. Before I get into how my week went, I’d like to express how much the mission has meant to me.  It amazes me how much the Lord does help us, as I’ve gone from a very confused Spanlish speaking newbie to a confident representative of Jesus Christ.  I have come to better recognize his guidance through the Holy Ghost.  I have witnessed and experienced the power and reality of faithful prayer.  The atonement has also become more real as I’ve seen its changing/ enabling power change lives, both my own and the people I’ve worked with.  I know that Jesus Christ completed the atonement for each and every one of us in Gethsemane and on the cross.  I truly enjoy how I can devote my time to sharing this with others as a missionary. Now with all that said, I’ll jump into my week.

     On Monday, we didn’t do all that much for p-day as we just got some time to relax. I was very happy to learn that I’ll be in San Jacinto for at least 6 more weeks.  Also, we decided to go for a quick hike to get a view of San Jacinto and you all can enjoy the attached pictures.

     We have had some really good lessons this week as we have really come to teach powerfully through the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  The one lesson which probably sticks out the most is one we had with J___ on Friday.  In the previous lesson she had said how she thought during her 2 years in the church she has felt nothing. Now you have to understand that she comes from a very humble background as she was raised with little schooling and can’t read.  The different points of view that people have easily confuse her.  So as we prayerfully prepared and then entered her house we helped her understand how to recognize the Spirit. However, the part I’ll never forget is how we taught in perfect unison in a way that we hadn’t planned as we followed the promptings of the Spirit. Because of this she felt the Spirit and realized that she had been feeling the Spirit during her 2 years in the church. Everything changed and we officially reactivated her this past Sunday.

     I’ll also make mention of how this past week I was in Casma for 4 days (well none were full days in Casma).  On Thursday was the district meeting during which I got to meet the 2 newbie missionaries (Sister Hansen from St. George and Elder Apaz from Bolivia).  Then on Friday the leaders and my companion had to go to meetings in Chimbote so I spent the morning in Casma and trained Elder Spaz for 4 hours. So I got a little taste of what it’s like to train.  Then on Saturday we headed to Casma again for the District Conference (a meeting of all the churches in Casma, San Jacinto, and Huarmey). President Marler was in attendance which was fun. He indicated that he is very happy with the work Elder P____ and I are doing.  Finally, we headed back to San Jacinto on Sunday to end the week back in my area.

      A lot more has happened this week with activities, lessons, and various other things but this is at least a little taster.  I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the weather as it gets colder (well hotter for me).  Also, have a great Thanksgiving.  I’ll talk to you next week! Chau!
Elder Pulsipher


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