Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014 Joshua's Wonderful Week in San Jacinto

Elder Joshua Pulsipher Week 22  
     Today marks exactly 5 months from the day I took the 6 a.m. flight from my hometown and headed into these 2 years. I can’t believe that much time has passed and I can hardly believe how far I’ve come. I’ve really come to know Christ and the changing power of his enabling atonement, and I went from being a confused English speaking American to now when I am able to communicate with just about any person in Spanish.  I love how my brother says the Lord’s hands are so evident in this work. Well this week has been great as Elder P____ and I have continued to enjoy success and progress with our members (both active and less active) and with our awesome investigators.  I focused on our less actives last week so this week I’ll focus a little on our investigators, well at least a few.
     First, I’ve mentioned M____ before, but I’ll share a little more about her.  She is a young adult of 20 years who lives here in San Jacinto with her uncle and aunt.  She is the only haircutter in the little haircutting shop that her uncle owns and works everyday all day.  As we have taught her she has kept every single commitment (which almost never happens) and she even takes notes. Perhaps more importantly she asked if these things are true, and she got an answer, she knows the Book of Mormon and everything is true.  She wants to be baptized and attend church, however her uncle won’t allow any time off so she can’t attend church. She is looking for someone to work there so she could take time off to go to church.  I’ll keep praying that she can.
     Second, A___ is a pretty cool investigator who is still in the early stages of investigating.  He is middle aged with a family of 4 and like everyone else he works in the factory.  He is reading the Book of Mormon as well and is slowly gaining a testimony as he feels “something different” when he read it. The desire he has is that he truly wants to find and follow the path that leads to God.  He is very sincere and even told us that he doesn’t know anyone else we could share our message with, but he will share it with everyone.  We’ll see how he progresses.
     Finally, I’ll make mention of J___. We have been working with him and B____ his girlfriend. They’ve completely changed from their old lives and are living the gospel more and more.  Once again, I attribute their progress to reading the Book of Mormon and praying. This book really does change lives when prayerfully read each day.  J___ now fully intends to be baptized, however he will be moving to Chile in a week. We will put him in contact with the missionaries in Santiago and I do feel he will be baptized.  So I won’t get to help him enter the water, but I did get the privilege to help him prepare.
     To quickly sum up the rest of the week we did see a lot of progress with our less actives. We helped 2 fast for the 1st time.  I also had an exchange with Elder Pontius in my area on Tuesday/ Wednesday which was fun as he is a very obedient and powerful missionary.  The extra English speaking was also a nice bonus. On Friday the youth had an activity which involved dancing balloons and food. I briefly dropped by to grab 2 cookies and a balloon (which I made into a balloon sword), then we left as we can’t dance as missionaries. Then I spent a good amount of time training the Branch leaders on Sunday with my companion. We have a lot to do to help the members as we’re in a small Branch. The missionaries have to do a lot more than proselyte in a Branch, but I enjoy the added challenge. Well, I hope you all enjoyed Halloween and I wish you all the very best this coming week, make it count!


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