Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 The Christmas Season in San Jacinto

     Well, it’s time to bid you all welcome from San Jacinto as I write this account of my past week.  I trust that all of you still enjoy these little emails that I’m sending out each and every week.  From what I’ve heard it sounds like these have been uplifting for many of you so I’ll keep them coming.  This past week was actually kind of normal (at least in the missionary sense of things) as we didn’t spend a lot of time traveling or meeting with the factory’s boss and there was no baptisms, and no changes in the presidency.  It was actually refreshing to have a more regular week.  The only thing that occurred outside of the ordinary was that we didn’t have church meetings this past Sunday in order to accommodate the last round of political elections.  So with that all of the political propaganda and all the things which are associated with, it came to a close.  I won’t have to worry about that for the rest of my mission!  I’ve never really enjoyed politics, especially Peruvian politics.  Anyway, I better move on before I digress more.

     One new focus which we started this week as started to enter this special month, this special season, is a focus on the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whose birthday we celebrate each and every year on the 25th of December.  What a fun time of year to be a missionary as the people’s hearts are generally a little more open.  With this the church has put out a video called” El es la Dadiva”  (in Spanish)  or “He is the Gift” in English.  I’d invite you all to watch it as it can be found on Youtube and it’s only about 3 minutes.  It is about who is the first Christmas gift and it also a little self-reflecting.  I invite you to watch it and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or however you like to share stuff.  It is a great time to share these things with others.  I remember that sharing the gospel with others can be a little scary, but this is a pretty easy way to share it.

     We picked up some new investigators this week which was a blessing as we were kind of in short supply.  We shared some pretty cool first lessons with many of them as the spirit was with us to guide our words and questions.  One person in particular who we met is R_____ . He was a reference by some member about 2 years ago, but the missionaries never visited him.  He has known members for quite some time, but was never invited to learn more.  During our time with him I was surprised just how involved he became in the lesson.  Truly he had interest in the things we had to share.  However, one never would have guessed that as he was very Catholic and he isn’t afraid to show it.  This just goes to show that we should put out the invitation as we might be rejected but we might find people like R___.

     I will also make mention that J___ (my convert) is doing great.  He is a quick learner and one wouldn’t know he is a recent convert as he already has the understanding of a well-seasoned member. It’s been fun to see him grow. Also, I have to make notice of Sister C_____ who is the mother of a recent convert family. She goes to Trujillo every week to do her chemotherapy as she has cancer, but no one would ever know she is probably the happiest person I’ve ever met.  Even a day after chemotherapy she’ll have the biggest smile. Her testimony is also super strong as the thing she wants most is to be sealed in the temple in 6 months time with her family for all time and eternity.  She truly is an inspiration of how we can have a positive attitude in whatever circumstances we find ourselves to be in. I really have loved working with her and her family on the path to reaching her dream.  And now that we know we will be getting a date for the temple dedication of the Trujillo temple in a week, rest assured this family will have the chance to go to the much closer Trujillo temple.

     We also gained another new investigator named C_____ who after the first lesson, which was more of an introduction, read everything we gave her and prayed.  She was excited to tell us that she felt a new peace in her life. To which we were able to explain the Spirit, and how that she received an answer from God, we then had a very Spirit filled lesson with the Spirit’s guidance. She then accepted the invitation to be baptized, so it will be fun to see how she progresses.

     I was also please to finally see D____ and her children become officially reactivated after basically working with them since I got here. They went inactive because of a very complicated situation, but it has been awesome to see them get excited again with the determination to change and to never again fall away.  And well that about sums up the things I wanted to mention. This next week will entail some traveling around which I’ll be sure to mention next week , and this Tuesday I’ll be turning 20 (finally out of the teens). So having my birthday in Peru should be fun. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll write to all of you in one week’s time. Chau!

Elder Joshua Pulsipher

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