Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 Adjusting to new area

Week 32

Well, the time has come for me to say how another week has come by but I can’t think of anything creative this week so I’ll leave it at that. I’m steadily becoming more acquainted with Gran Chimu and am starting to get a grip on navigating this large area. It’s a pretty diverse area with neighborhoods that are composed of sand and homes, built up city like downtown neighborhoods, and one neighborhood which is brand new and where every house is exactly the same. It’s got a little bit of everything. There also is quite a bit of sun here unlike a lot of places up North in the states. I still think it’s weird to be in the middle of summer during January. Before I begin let me thank all who sent me Christmas emails and New Year’s emails. They are much appreciated and I tried to respond to all of them. Know that I enjoy hearing from all of you.

     Anyway, on Monday I had my 1st P-day in Trujillo.  In the morning we headed to the city as a district to buy glasses for one of the missionaries. Then headed to Plazavea (a large grocery store) where we found Snickers and maple syrup. They were very good and then we ended the day with 2 family home evenings.

     On Wednesday we had my 1st zone conference in this area. It was different having 2 elders from the office present as Casma is too far way for such. The zone is a little more serious than my last one, but the zone leaders seem pretty cool. I really enjoyed the conference as it focused on how the end we should have in mind should be that of the temple. One of the ultimate goals, if not the ultimate goal, of the Restoration was to bring about the Restoration of temples. The end goal isn’t baptism, but rather eternal families. As missionaries the focus is to help the people with this in mind that each one might have the privilege to be sealed with their loved ones for time and all eternity. This is also a special time here in Trujillo as the temple here is very near completion. A returned missionary in my ward who returned from his mission about 1 ½  years ago, named S____ (yes, kind of a strange name), is a member of the temple counsel. He says that it should be dedicated in June or July.  What a special time to be a missionary here.

     To be honest, as Elder P___ and I started the week our teaching wasn’t very unified. Until that point he had indicated that he didn’t like practicing. However, as we taught with Segundo (who was an assistant to his mission president) we had a super powerful 1st lesson, probably one of the more powerful 1st lessons I’ve taken part of. Then the next day as we taught another new investigator, S___ took a seat back and our lack of unity came blindly apparent and the lesson quickly went down hill.  Afterward, as we talked S____ helped me to understand some of our shortcomings and helped Elder P____ understand the importance of practicing. From that point we have made leaps forward and shortly afterward had a very powerful lesson about the Restoration with an investigator named A___. She is an investigator of over a year, but after that lesson I could see her drive change. So as we’ve finally been able to effectively study together and practice we’ve become much more unified as a companionship in terms of teaching. The truth is that we don’t have time to study much and practice, but as we exercise our faith to do so, the Lord blesses us to teach through the power and authority of his Spirit. Like I’ve said before, it is the small and simple which make a large difference in our lives. Now it isn’t always easy, we still have challenges, but if we persist the blessings are there.

     On Friday we had an activity in the chapel which was the first time they’ve had in a while, I guess the last missionary didn’t like having activities. We watched “How to train a Dragon 2”, but since every movie in Peru is pirated the DVD’s are usually copies. However, this particular DVD was a cell phone video in some movie theater. One could see the audience and the occasional crying baby. I nearly died laughing as I’ve said before laws in Peru are more like ideals.

     The next day we headed to another part of our zone called Loredo to proselyte there in the morning. It was a change of pace to proselyte in a fairly nice area as opposed to the poorer areas I’m accustomed to. Though as it was a nicer part of Trujillo, we weren’t really able to talk to anyone. However, we still have fun and I found out that one of my zone leaders swam the same events I did in high school which was cool to find out.

     Well with that you know a little more about my area. I will try to focus a little more on the people next week. However, know that I’m doing well and that Trujillo is a pretty fun place to be. I hope you all have a great week, several of you reading this will have started school/college again so enjoy that too. iHasta la proxima semana!

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