Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

     Greetings once again from Gran Chima! It has truly been another busy week full of changes and hard work in Trujillo but I still enjoy every minute of it. Like I said last week, my time with Elder Perez came to an abrupt end as he had to return to his country because of Visa problems. Now I find myself with Elder Barrios like I mentioned last week. He actually will serve the rest of his mission until the temple dedication basically. He has been a lot of fun to work with as he is very motivated and obedient, and he likes to have a good time. We’ve have a great week proselyting which I’ll dive right into.

     The last P-day was absolutely crazy again. I spent the night before with my district leader as Elder Barrios hadn’t arrived yet. Our studies were then cut short as his companion had an early appointment at the clinic. But as we arrived at the appointment it turned out to not exist. Then we rushed back to get ready to go to a ruin with the zone. It took an hour and half to get to, but it was really cool. I included some pictures last week and I’ll include some more this week. It is very much intact and there is even a mummy to see in the museum (but we couldn’t take photos in the museum). Then we hurried back to get my new companion. I had to hurriedly change in the mission office to a suit then we (the office elders and the Marlers) headed to the airport where we got Elder Barrios. Then after a little time in the mission home we headed back to Gran Chima where it was time to work. Oh, I forgot to mention the name of the ruin is El Brujo, which I imagine is on the internet.

     On Tuesday we had a pretty awesome district meeting in which Elder B___ to meet everyone, and we discussed and practiced how to teach to the needs of each person we meet. The idea is simple, we only need to ask questions as inspired by the spirit and bear witness to the part of the doctrine that they need in their lives. I like the words of Elder Holland who said, “that something in what they say will always highlight a truth of the gospel about which you can bear testimony.” All that is just a matter of listening to the spirit and following his promptings. We applied that as we started anew with an investigator named A___ later that day. At first the lesson was a little rough but as we listened and asked inspired questions she opened up and we had an excellent lesson. She could easily progress to baptism in the coming weeks.

     The next day we headed to interviews with President Marler in the mission home. As usual, he was behind schedule so while we waited I got to finally email (I didn’t have time on P-day). Then I had my interview in which we discussed various things and I really felt the spirit strong. At one point we discussed what it means to be consecrated. How there is a difference between doing something out of necessity rather than doing so with the desires to do so. Living the gospel, being more obedient as a missionary, progressing, because that is what we actually want to do. That is true conversion, having the desires to do so. Living the gospel, being more obedient as a missionary, progressing, because that is what we actually want to do. That is true conversion, having the desire to only do that which is good.

   Another memorable lesson we had was a person who was recently reactivated, M___, who bore a very spiritual testimony about her experience in the church. This was after a spiritual lesson about the Restoration, during which her 4 young boys were screaming, crying, and running every which way. It was very noisy and chaotic but we persevered the spirit was there.

     Something else that I’ve started since I got here is meeting with recent converts. Missionaries are supposed to reteach all the lessons and visit them fairly often, but that didn’t happen in the past here. It has been fun to work with them and strengthen their testimonies. I enjoy all parts of missionary work, but strengthening members is what I enjoy doing most. On Friday one of them, named C___, pulled out a violin and played for us. It was very surprising to see a violin in generally poor circumstances, but it was very cool. However, apart from that out of the ordinary occurrence we really had some awesome lessons with the recent converts and less active members.

     As for other notable occurrences this week,   we helped our district leader (Elder P____) move apartments which was good work. However, he rewarded us with some state-side beef jerky! I think it was a glimpse of the future as we’ll probably be moving to a much nicer apartment soon. Also, Saturday morning we got to proselyte as a zone in the area of our district leader. I got to proselyte with Elder H___ (zone leader) and we had a great time. Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the last of January. Thank you for continuing to read these, I know they’re not all that great, but I hope they paint a picture of what I’m doing. iExitos! Ichauan!


Joshua Pulsipher

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