Monday, January 12, 2015

January 5, 2015 Transfered to Trujillo area

Week 31
Well, another week has come by and we find ourselves in the year 2015! Yay! As you read last week I got transferred last week for the 1st time and now I find myself in an area of Trujillo called Porvenir and my specific area is called Gran Chimu. I am partnered up with Elder P___who is from Honduraz like I mentioned last week. He has been a missionary for 20 months and is a very animated person. He’s always cracking a joke and likes to break the ice straight away. Working with him as been fun and we are becoming more and more adjusted to teaching with each other. He’s been here for 4.5 months though so it’s very possible that I’ll just be with him until the next transfer in 5 weeks time and he’ll leave to finish his mission in a different area. Also speaking of areas, Gran Chimu is absolutely massive. Before it was quite big and in one direction it goes as far as the eye can see, but now one of the neighboring areas was closed an added to us so this area is even bigger. There is a lot of ground to cover, but I suppose I’m up to the challenge. Also, the fact that I’ll be working with a ward and not a branch is something new. There are a little over 500 members of which roughly 120 actively attend, so there is a much larger pool of less actives to choose from. With that short introduction I’ll mention a little bit about my week.
     On Monday as I slept in San Jacinto, my zone leaders called at 5:00 and told us we had to leave by 6:30 a. m. Usually during transfers we get the Monday to prepare ourselves and we leave that night. So we hurriedly packed my things and headed to Trujillo which also meant I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone in San Jacinto, but maybe it’s better that way. Once we arrived in Trujillo, we headed to the mission office where Elder P___ had a meeting because he was about to train. Then I met Elder P___ and we headed to Gran Chimu. It still feels kind of weird knowing that I live in Trujillo now and really not all that far from the city center- well about 20 minutes away.
     We’ve had quite a few lessons during my short time here as there are many more people to teach here than there are in San Jacinto. During these lessons we’ve slowly become more and more unified which has been interesting as he is very aggressive with his teaching wheras I’m generally more gentle and a little more soft spoken. However, we’re finding a balance which seems to work pretty well. Of course, what’s most important is that we teach with the Spirit. I continue to find that as I pray to be filled with God’s love as I teach that I really feel a difference and am able to more fully fulfill my calling. It is something I’ve been doing, but I’ve really noticed here that as I work in a completely new area with people I don’t know that I really do feel a love for them when I pray in my heart and with that Spirit has been much more present.
     I remember a lesson we had with a less active family (the Pena family) that as I prayed for such, being immediately filled with compassion and love. The mother was suffering from tremendous back pain and as we helped her understand the comforting power of the Atonement a little more and then exercised our priesthood to bless her, the Spirit was so very present. During our next lesson with her family, I was happy to see that she was doing better. I was even happier to see her and her family come to church this past Sunday.
     Speaking of church, it was different having double the attendance of the branch I was in. It functioned very much like a branch in the states and I actually got to meet in a chapel and not some old medical building. It was fun getting to know everyone and they got a kick out of how I started my testimony (introduction) in English and then switched to Spanish. The ward mission leader and the bishop are also real cool.
     Well, that’s a little about my new area and a little about my experience thus far. I hope you all enjoyed New Year’s and that winter over in the states is still fun (it is very warm here in Trujillo). I wish you all the best and bid you a great week! Chau!
Elder Pulsipher

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