Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 Jumping On and Off Moving Buses

Well, its hard to believe that January has come to an end and another week has flown by. Like I’ve said before and many others have said, time goes by fast on the mission. It has been yet another fun sun filled week here in Trujillo as we’ve done what missionaries do. Elder B___ and I continue to have fun together and have had some very memorable lessons together.

      Last P-day was fun as we headed to Central as a district. We stopped by a store called Wong which sells a lot of imported American food which made me happy. Then I broke down and ate at McDonald’s with the Dirstrict.  Before I hadn’t consumed McDonald’s in many, many years, but after 8 months in Peru American food becomes tempting. It is interesting here, though, as McDonald’s is rather expensive here (in the currency here going to McDonald’s would be like eating at a place like Olive Garden). Then we got to write our families and play some soccer which was fun.
     Then the time came to have our weekly District meeting. As usual, Elder P____ (the District leader) led a lesson about missionary work with respect to invitations. Then I started my new calling as the English teacher of the Zone and started my English class to help the Latinos get on tracking for learning English. It was fun since I really do enjoy teaching and it kind of reminded me of the times that I taught as an organic chemistry T.A. Afterward the zone leaders surprised us with banana bread!

      Once again we had a very spiritual powerful lesson with Marina, the investigator who has attended several lessons and does everything we ask her to do but she is a little apprehensive with respect to taking the next step. In this lesson she opened up to let us know that she was specifically waiting for a vision before she took the next step, baptism. Now as we listened attentively and with love, I could feel the spirit strongly. It was in that moment that the Spirit told me to share Ether 12:6 which explained that we won’t receive a witness until after the trial of our faith. She had to trust in feelings she had and take the next step to demonstrate her faith. It was a very inspired scripture and she understood and accepted the invitation to pray to confirm a baptismal date.

      Another memorable lesson we had was with C_____, a referral who turned out to be pretty cool. We knocked his door and he let us right in. We hit it off straight away with him and led into a very powerful lesson on the Restoration. After which he whole heartedly accepted the invitation to read, ponder and pray. It was a very cool first lesson, we’ll see where he goes. We also had a pretty awesome lesson in which we used the Restoration video with Itina. She is the daughter of a rich less active member ( he was sure to tell us that he coach we sat in was worth 15,000 soles). It was interesting as he said that he would love for her to be a member. However, as we watched the video the Spirit was there and she accepted the invitation to read, ponder and pray. An invitation I use so often, but one that means everything. If only everyone understood that such a simple invitation held such power to change lives.
     On Friday we had a multi-zone service project which was interesting as we headed to a government building where we waited as many missionaries. My group of 10 then piled into the back of a small pickup truck and we headed further toward city center to one of the busier streets. Where they gave us handicap stickers to put in buses and transport vans as they passed by. Trying to jump in and out of semi-moving buses and vans putting stickers near the first row of seats made for an exciting morning. It was very interesting to say the least.

      Later that day I started a companion exchange with Elder P____ in my area and so for a day 2 gringos were proselyting in Gran Chimu. We had a lot of fun and I really learned a lot. Companionship exchanges are really a great chance to learn. He is pretty cool and actually has less time in the mission than I do, but right after his training he started training a new missionary and working as a district leader.

      Well, that is a summary of what happened this week. I think I understand what Mormon meant when he wrote that he couldn’t even write a hundredth part of the history of this people. It is impossible to share the majority of what occurs each week in the mission, but I do my best to include some of the best highlights. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you all find success in your endeavors. For now I bid you all farewell from Trujillo, Peru. I Chau!