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April 13, 2015 Seeing the New Trujillo Temple at Night

April 13, 2015
     It’s interesting that as one becomes adjusted to being a missionary how time seems to speed up.  I know I’ve mentioned such before but it is the truth. The weather here in Trujillo has actually been quite nice and is why I like the climate here (apart from the summer months). It is typically sunny in the 70’s with a light breeze and it will remain like that basically until November. I am also enjoying this time I have with my companions who are pretty awesome. We’re all basically at the same level with just a good sense of comradery, undoubtedly stemming from the fact that we come from the same group of missionaries (in the Lima MTC). We just have a lot of fun together and are feeling the spirit as we teach. I will admit that I kind of felt like a new missionary during my first week back, but now I felt comfortable as a missionary again and of course I am enjoying it. Well, let’s dive into my week.
     We spent last P-day as a zone which wasn’t a bad way to start having P-days again. We had a barbeque which I have to say was very tasty. Then we watched a movie and as we did we heard a loud thud.  After running outside, we could see that a neighboring roof had blown off and fallen onto the busy street where a motorcycle and taxi were stuck under it. The other missionaries cleared the debris, freeing those trapped underneath (I couldn’t help with my wrists).  Both people trapped, walked away without injury which was truly a miracle - So sometimes life gets a little interesting here.
     On Tuesday we had our monthly zone conference which was a first for me as President Marler was present.  It was very edifying and I enjoyed the emphasis on the need to really study the doctrine to better our knowledge. With such use we can better teach and explain gospel truth in a concise and precise way to which the Spirit can bear witness.  Applying such an ideal to our companionship studies has brought noticeable improvement.  The President also explained that the sister missionaries would be assisting with the “Open Doors” (called Open House in the US) sessions at the temple and that the Elders wouldn’t be doing so. We will only get to watch the dedication from one of the stake buildings.
     Anyway, on the topic of temples, one of our investigators comes to mind.  A___ is a civil engineering  student that has been investigating for a couple months. He’s quite a lot of fun to teach as I enjoy teaching educated people, especially engineers. He’s progressed a lot, saying in his own words that he was basically atheist before but now has come to the knowledge that God and Christ truly exist. He really is trying to investigate every little part of the church which is good, but it is also hindering him from taking the next step.  So on Thursday we took him to the temple.  Pictures are attached which don’t do it justice as it is extremely pretty in person. We had a short little lesson with him outside the fence and it was easy to see the power of a temple to have an effect on him, even an undedicated temple. I feel and hope that A__ will take that next step, but we’ll just have to patiently press forward.
     We’ve also had the chance to visit and meet with many awesome investigators and members here in Vista Alegre. There are so many, many people I’d love to include in these letters, but such would be impossible.  One last lesson that stands out though is one we had with A__'s less active mother, M____.  Upon our initial invitation to read the Book of Mormon daily (something that 99% of inactives don’t do at all) she said she hadn’t read in years. To which I felt impressed to testify of its changing power that I have noted in my life. It was completely by the Spirit and I couldn’t really remember what I said after the fact, but the Spirit was very present. To which she heart fully said, “I promise you I will read day.” I have never heard someone reply with such conviction during the entirety of my mission.  It was very cool.
     We also had interviews this past week in the mission home (which is a 5 minute walk away).  In the tradition of things, my interview was one of the shorter ones, but it was cool as we spoke about the importance of faith and how with such we could do whatever is necessary (Moroni 7:33, Jacob 4:6). It was a very enjoyable conversation. We also got to listen to Sister Marler share her powerful conviction of Christ and each received a new copy of the Book of Mormon with the instructions to read it like a novel highlighting each reference to Christ ( a classic missionary challenge). It should be fun.
     This past weekend also entailed a stake conference in which an area seventy was present and offered some powerful addresses. I also got to see the Marlers a couple of times as they were there.  I seem to run into them quite often. Well, those are some of this week’s highlights.  I hope that this will find you all well and that each and every one of you have a great week. iHasta a la proxima semana!

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