Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 6, 2015 Happy to Be Back in Peru after Surgery

Week 38? (+ 6 weeks at home for surgery )

     Well, I am back in Trujillo and working as a missionary. It’s be a while as I was home for bi-lateral wrist surgery.  It has been awesome to put back on my missionary plaque (name tag) walking the streets here again. There really is a special spirit that missionaries get to enjoy as we devote all our time to serving the Lord.  I visited with missionaries while I was home but there is such a difference in being here in my mission teaching the people whom I was called to serve.  The weather here also has been perfect, kind of like spring in San Diego. It is especially nice near the coast where I am in Vista Alegre (it is couple blocks from the beach) which is the same area that I was in before.  I am in a trio of missionaries with Elder C__ and Elder S___ as my companions. They are both Americans that went through the CCM(Lima, Peru MTC) with me. It’s been fun to work together and have a lot of fun doing it. And well I better move on to how my week went.

     I left my house at 6:00 p.m. Sunday the 29th and due to some complications I arrived Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. It was a lot of traveling but I am happy to be here. I was greeted by Sister Marler and 2 office  Elders, and then proceeded to drive by the finished temple and then we got to eat at Chile’s (which is extremely expensive in Peru).  Well then I met up with my new companions at the mission home and then proceeded to my area.

     It seems to me that whenever I find myself with a new companion (or new companions in this case) that the very 1st lesson is quite spiritual and special. I remember my 1st lesson with Elder Palacio as we taught the Plan of Salvation to a new investigator that I felt the Spirit stronger than I’ve ever felt. None of us were prone to crying , but no one had a dry eye as we ended that lesson to tell him where his best friends was (who had died). Now to return to the present, we were blessed to have a great 1st lesson here also we taught Ronald about how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ so powerfully.  As we did the Spirit enveloped the room which was a nice change as I had taught him before I went home for surgery he hadn’t had quite the same warming experience.  Now after that lesson we had to put our shoulders to the wheel as it were to learn to teach effectively as a trio.

     We’ve made a lot of progress and we really build off one another, though we do need to practice some more.  I remember the lesson that we had with Henry, a young adult of 18 that I’d contacted before I left for surgery, was particularly fun. We were able to teach with regard to the 10 commandments well and really had a unity as we taught that surprised me. I was also excited to see that Henry had completely changed from the person I met just 6 weeks before. It was easy to see how the fullness of the gospel is working a change of heart as the scriptures say. This has happened to the point that his religious mother has taken note of the changes in her son, and she has wants to investigate, too.

     On Friday we got to take part in a multi-stake Easter program put on by the mission. It was similar to our Christmas program in that the missionaries sang as a chorus amongst various solos, videos, and testimonies. It was very cool and brought back a lot of memories from December and also directed my thoughts toward the Savior. The following day we headed to the stake center to listen/watch conference.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we would have the opportunity to listen to it in English which was awesome. I understand in Spanish, but listening to a translator just isn’t the same. I really noticed a pattern with regard to the family and the surmount importance it has in our lives. It was interesting though as nearly each talk seemed to be addressed directly to me. I’ve heard that cliché phrase before but never really experienced it so that was pretty cool.

     As I draw this letter to a close I would like to wish each of you a great, happy Easter! To think of how our Lord and Savior triumphfully surcame the infinite costs in Gethsemane and Calvary of the atonement as he rose on the 3rd day is something beyond words. May we all remember his sacrifice, his triumph of death, and his triumph over the world. May we more fully apply that in our lives. For now I bid you all a great week from Trujilo, Peru! Chau!


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