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April 27, 2015 The Most Important and most Repeated Messages of the Book of Mormon

Week 41
     Once again I welcome you all to my weekly account of my mission. It’s been another sunny week here in Trujillo and the work continues to roll along as usual. We’ve seen investigators progress along with many of the active/inactive members we’re teaching.  Which I suppose isn’t all that out of the ordinary, but the Lord has blessed us with many investigators and less actives that are doing well, and show a lot of desires to progress. Something my companion said is that if we take just a couple minutes to reflect on the day it is quite easy to see the tender mercies of the Lord. That’s true as I reflect on the past couple weeks I’ve enjoyed here in Vista Alegra.
     Last P-day was pretty amazing as we just dropped by Pizza Hut to get some more pizza. Afterward we tried to watch a movie as a district of missionaries, but we  were unable to get a hold of a T.V., so we spent the rest of the afternoon in our apartment.  We then helped a recent convert and her family learn how to hold a family home evening.  For the spiritual thought everyone simply shared their respective testimony of the Book of Mormon.  
     It was very spiritual and I’ll never forget S___ (the recent convert). She told us of a very distinctive dream she had about a tree with white fruit, with an iron rod, with mists of darkness, and several other things which exactly mirror Lehi’s vision in 1 Nephi 8. However, she had this dream before she met the missionaries  and had never laid her hands on a Book of Mormon.  So when she read that chapter she knew the Book was true and was baptized shortly afterward. It was definitely one of the most unique testimony building experiences I had ever heard.
      As I am on the topic of the Book of Mormon, I’ll mention how I finally finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  I stated slowly studying and marking el libro de Mormon in December and I finished on Saturday.  One thing I’ve noticed is that each time I’ve read the Book of Mormon certain patterns/themes always seem to emerge.  The last time I read it I noticed how it seemed to repeat that we need to pray thoughtfully in order to overcome temptation, to not be tempted over what we can handle (3 Nephi 18:15, Alma 34:39). This time I noticed and learned many things, but one message seemed to predominate, that through repentance and the atonement of Christ we can develop Christ like attributes. I realize that such a discovery isn’t exactly earth shattering, but I was impressed to note how often this comes up in the Book of Mormon.  I used purple to mark Christ-like attributes, green to mark repentance and red for the atonement.  It was interesting to note how often purple would be jointly marked in red or green.  One verse which describes this well is Mosiah 4:11-12 which says that as we repent and obtain a remission of our sins, we will better feel God’s love and in turn be more inclined to humbling ourselves to God’s will, developing more faith, more charity, becoming more Christlike. I really know that as we truly and sincerely repent each day, along with meaningful prepared weekly sacrament partaking, that we’ll be able to better humble ourselves, becoming more Christ-like through his infinite atonement.
     To get back toward the topic of how my week went, on Wednesday we headed to the Trujillo Institute building where we met up with young adults preparing to serve missions. Each missionary then took one or two people out with them to walk the streets for an hour and a half. I took 2 out with me including Clayterman who is from my area. We had fun as I took them to the Plaza de Armas which is a large gathering place.  I led the first contact and then I took a step back to let them get a little baptized by fire as it were.  They enjoyed it, especially Clayterman who is very unshy. He was very talkative and engaging.  We headed to his family’s house later in the week as they are recent converts and enjoyed a good lesson and some Pizza Hut (pictures attached).  Pizza Hut has a habit of sneaking into my weekly affairs.
     As I mentioned earlier, the tender mercies of the Lord really do come.  This past week we’ve really been blessed by seeing the progress of many investigators.  All of which surmounted to having 8 investigators attend church on Sunday!  It was a tender mercy for sure.  Many of our investigators have so much potential and have demonstrated much progress, 7 of them could well be baptized in the month of May.  We have Alex who talks very seriously about baptism and knows a lot about the church and really is growing to love it. M___ is a young single mother who humbly desires to learn more about Christ and follow his teachings. H___and J___ are brothers who I found before I left that have solid testimonies with strong desires to go forward, though have to attend school on Sundays.  N___ has been attending for several months now, but asked us on Sunday to be baptized on the 9th.  Juana has had “40” missionaries to teach her, but told us she wants to be baptized and we just need to help her better prepare herself.  We have several others and it is just a privilege to serve the Lord in his vineyard and help others come unto Christ.  I just pray that they might be able to do so and that I will be able to do all I can to help them.
     Well that will just about conclude my 100th’s part summary of the week. However, I should mention that the sister missionaries returned to Vista Alegre this week.  So after a 2 week hiatus they’re back. Also we received an unexpected call from the assistants Saturday night, telling us that Elder Cook would be leaving the next day to the mountains in order to fill the shoes of a missionary who headed home a week early.  So on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. we dropped him off at the office and left. So now the trio has come to an end and now Elder Simper and I are left to tackle this area.  So it’s been a great week and I hope all of you have a great week as we head into May!
I Hasta la promiza semena como siempre!
Elder Pulsipher

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