Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15, 2015 Baptism in the district

     Well the number of this week is divisible by 6 so another transfer has come to an end. These past 6 weeks have really flown by, making it hard to believe the time has come.  As usual I am starting to write this before I know about transfers, but as I end it I shall know.  We’ve had a really good week here in Casa Grande with a couple miracles that definitely manifested themselves. As Nephi wrote, many times we are “led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things” that will result.  It’s been interesting this week to note where past promptings have led to, and how they’ve been integral in bringing souls unto Christ.
     Before I dive further into those promptings, I’ll make brief mention of my last P-day. We didn’t do all that much out of the ordinary. However, we did head over to my pensionista’s home where I taught her how to make tacos and I will tell you that they were good. It was a long time since I’d eaten tortillas, guacamole, and pica de Gallo in Peru. Later that night I had a feeling that I needed to visit a less active named Justo. He’s been less active for many years because he always thought it was important to sell his wares every Sunday and he also lives in an unmarried commitment. However, he had attended church the day before. The missionaries taught him for many months but he was unwilling to change. Now with all that in mind we walked into his house and he immediately told us how he now wanted to come back to church. He indicated how he finally took that past Sunday off to attend church and that the Lord blessed him with more sales during the week. He had seen that the Lord would provide a way to keep his commandments, it took him many years to learn that, but when he finally exercised the trial of his faith, the testimony came. It was a testimony builder to see the Lord bless someone so directly to understand a commandment.

      Returning to what I mentioned about promptings, a little over 5 weeks ago my companion felt prompted to knock the door of one of Elder Coca’s former investigators. He wasn’t sure why, but as we met Yajaira we could tell that the Lord had something in store. As we’ve taught P___ and Y____ over these past couple weeks, the Lord has blessed all of us to share some very special spiritual lessons. The Sunday before last they attended church again and had a wonderful experience. The testimonies given in Sacrament meeting really impacted them. The members also did a really good job of out of their way to greet them and converse with them. The fellowshipping and Spirit made all the difference in the conversion of P___ and Y___. On Friday they told us that they wanted to be baptized on the 20th( a special date for them). Now because of the temple dedication and stake conference that date wouldn’t be possible. So I had them read verses 8-11 in Mosiah 18 asking them if they really had that desire to receive the promised blessings which spring from baptism. They said yes and I invited them to take that step on the 4th of July (the 1st Saturday after Stake Conference, also our Independence Day). They whole heartedly accepted and the Spirit was so strong testifying of the decision they’d made. So on the 4th P___,Y___, and ____ (their daughter) will be baptized all stemming from us being able to follow the Spirit’s promptings! As a missionary it is such a rarity and a joy to find a complete family and help them get to this point.
     On Thursday I headed to Chicana to have an exchange with Elder Garside. But to start if off I interviewed J___ (an investigator of Sister South and Sister Resado) who I’d interviewed previously, but wasn’t ready to be baptized as his testimony wasn’t quite there and he knew it. However, since then the sisters have worked with him to help him obtain a true testimony and the Restoration. About a week and a half ago I got an impression as I read the Book of Mormon that J___ needed to read that chapter. (Mormon 9). So I shared with the sisters and they later told me that as shared that chapter everything changed. From there they could help him get that testimony. As I interviewed him this last time he was a different person, clearly ready to take that step. He was baptized on Saturday in the ocean and I’m told it was very special. The sisters deserve all the credit, but it was a cool experience to help a little with that prompting I received. The exchange with Elder Garside was a lot of fun as he could realize that he in fact was capable of leading his area, and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other better.

      Well I just got the phone call from Elder Hacke telling me that Elder Cabezas will be leaving, and I’ll continue to be district leader. However, I will be training a new missionary. It will be a new experience and an added challenge, but I guess I’m up to it. So it’s been an interesting week with some cool experiences. This coming week will bring with it a new companion (number 10) and next weekend will be the dedication of the temple! I hope you all have a great week, recognizing and trusting in the subtle promptings of the Spirit. Have a great week!


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