Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2, 2015 Last Week of the Trujillo Temple Open House

Tomorrow, June 3 marks one year ago that Elder Joshua Pulsipher boarded a plane to Peru on a Tuesday morning from Pasco, WA!!!!!!!!
June 2, 2015
     This letter will mark the end of May. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that this month as come and gone so quickly. I’ve been here in Casa Grande for a month now, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. We have had the privilege to go to the temple twice a week since the Open House event started, and it’s been a blast to bring many converts, investigators, and less actives and feel the spirit that’s there. I’ll mention a little about the temple later on, but this last month was definitely made special by having that unique opportunity and now we’ll wait till the 21t for the dedication. This coming week will also mark exactly a year since I embarked on the mission. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here so long. It’s been a year full of challenges, but I’ve also really grown to love the work here in Peru. I’ve learned that one’s circumstances really need not control one’s happiness, as despite whatever happened, I’ve been happy every day.
     Well, last Monday we spent our P-day with the zone leaders in a house of less active members that live in our area. She just so  happened to know how to make donuts so as 3 gringos might be so inclined, we made about 60 donuts. Some photos are attached and I testify they were extremely tasty. Later that night we were able to teach several people including Roger, a recent convert, who was confused why God would be so set on giving us agency if so many used it to murder, to plunder, to make the world a “sad place.” Time was short so we left him with our testimonies and a promise to come back the following morning.
     We came the next morning prepared to teach the Plan of Salvation with some specific scriptures like Moses 4:1-4, D &C 29:36-44,2 Nephi 2:22-25, 11-13. As we shared these scriptures, the Spirit quite clearly enlightened his mind and he answered his own questions. It was so cool to see the scriptures seemingly talk to the person we were teaching. It was the result of some dedicated study directed for his needs earlier that morning and the spirit that filled the lesson was a great blessing.
     I’ll return to our investigators, but maybe I’ll take a moment to mention our last week at the temple. On Wednesday, we took 16 less active members and investigators with us thanks to the help of our bishop. It was a cool experience to be there again and I started to notice some of the finer details which have been  worked in thanks to the help of one of the engineers. It is surprising how it is easy to invite people and have them accept to go to the open house. On Wednesday, the zone leaders told us that the stake paid for a bus to take us and up to 50 investigators and less actives this past Friday. So as we went about our normal week we had to invite basically everyone we met and I was surprised how many accepted the invitation. On Friday, the time came and between the work of zone leaders and ourselves we were able to fill 2 buses and a large van- a great way to finish the open house. We have been able to help over a 100 people go there these past weeks and it’s definitely been a privilege to do so. In total somewhere near 90,000 people attended the open house. Now we just need to wait until the 21st to see the temple dedicated.
     With respect to my investigators, they are all progressing still. Y___ and P___ have come a way and are thinking very seriously about being baptized, which they never did before with the missionaries. Such a change was due to a very spiritual lesson we had a week ago as we taught the Plan of Salvation when the member that was with us felt prompted to talk directly about baptism. It was a powerful conversation that followed. Since then we’ve been working closely with them and they’re real close to taking the next step. H____is also doing well as he’s continued to read the Book of Mormon and attended this past Sunday for the 1st time. He had a good experience and I pray that he’ll continue to gain a testimony of these things.

     The work is rolling forward as we lay in the shadow of the dedication in this special month of June. However, for this coming week things should start to come back to normal since open house has come to an end. I hope this coming week goes well for everyone and that you find success in what you do. Have a good one! 

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