Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015 The Dedication of the Trujillo Temple and 1st Week as a Trainer

     Well, a week has passed away since I became a trainer and it has been great.  The Lord truly does provide us a way to carry out what we’ve been called to do as Nephi exclaimed in 1 Nephi 3:7 (the scripture every primary kid knows and loves). Perhaps at times we can feel inadequate or unsure of new responsibilities, but what I’ve learned is that we strive to do what we can, trusting in the Lord, anything is possible. My new companion is named Elder Caceres and he is just awesome. He knows the scriptures well and really surprised me with the ability he has to teach.  From his fast learning and hunger to learn, the Spirit’s been with us and we’ve had several memorable lessons. It’s also turned out that we have similar personalities and we get along great. He loves to joke around and also speaks pretty good English since he studied in a British school in Lima. So he is from Lima, my 3rd companion from Lima, and we are going to have a great time.
     This past p-day I woke up early to head down to Trujillo in order to be trained as a trainer. The thoughts that Sister Marler shared really impacted me. She shared a quote from one of President Uchtdorf’s talks saying that the assignment of being a trainer is the most important assignment in the mission field.  It helped me reflect in the importance of what I would be doing and how the Lord trusted in me to do it. After the training I bought some maple syrup which I’m excited to use and we headed to Casa Grande to end my last day with Elder Cabezas.
     On Tuesday I headed to Trujillo with 2 other trainers from my zone to meet my trainee. The meeting was really cool as we listened to the president. He spoke about the importance of having the Spirit with us always. He said that "each time we feel the Spirit strongly it is because the Lord is pleased with us.“ Such a simple statement, but it made an impact in me and made me reflect in the experiences I’ve had. It also helped to motivate me to have the Spirit with me as I taught with my trainee. Then the new missionaries each bore their testimonies while the trainers listened, wondering who their new companions would be. Then it was announced that I would be with Elder Caceres from Lima. We hit it right off as friends and I made sure to get back to our area to get started, to hit the ground running.
     As we worked this week, we really did have some powerful lessons. I remember that my father always used to tell me that new missionaries from the CCM really have a special spirit about them - that when they testify, miracles happen. With P__ and Y____ this week, we had the privilege to visit them twice, and at the end of the second lesson, Y____ told Elder Caceres that his personal testimony/experiences really impacted her and that it wasn’t a coincidence that he came during this time. It was 100% true and it’s been a blessing to have him as my secret weapon.  We also saw a miracle this week with J___ ( a long time investigator). He had been taught for a while in the past, but never really took any interest. However, as we taught him this week with some powerful testimonies, he told us that he wants to change so he can be baptized. He’s really changed completely.
     On Saturday, we attended the cultural event in Trujillo for the temple. All the dances were very cool; it was a very coordinated show. We got front row seats and were just about 20 feet from President Uchtdorf when he spoke, it was awesome.  Definitely, something I won’t forget. Then this past Sunday we had the temple dedication. I got sick the night before and was still sick as I walked into the first session. However, I really could feel the Spirit as if I was in the temple and I couldn’t feel pains. It was very memorable to participate in that session and as I walked out I was speechless, I felt as if I’d just left the actual temple. But I suppose the chapel was an extension of the temple during that time. The other 2 sessions were also very special. What a privilege to be a missionary here during this time.
     I hope this finds you all well and that you each have a great week! Thanks for all your support. iHasta la proxima semana!


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