Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 Amazing Turn Around of the Week

Week 47   

     Hard to believe that this transfer is coming to an end.  This coming week will be the sixth and final week, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been with Elder Cabezas for 5 weeks now.  I’ve learned a lot from him with diligent work each and every day.  I’ve enjoyed how we’ve worked together to improve a little more each day and it certainly is special to be with another missionary trained by Elder Coca.  I’ve learned something from each of the 9 companions I’ve had until now and I really know that each companion and area is truly inspired.  It doesn’t just come as random thoughts from President Marler. This past week has been a little difficult as many, and I mean many, appointments fell through, but as we’ve strived to follow the impressions of the Spirit we’ve had a spiritual week in finding people whom God placed in our path and the having several inspired lessons. The work continues here in Casa Grande and I’ll have to dive into how it’s going.
     Last Monday we woke up early and headed as a zone to Trujillo. Typically we study Monday mornings, but this time we left to have a special P-day with President Marler, his daughter’s family , and other zones at the beach in Hunachaco.  It was the first time I’d been to the beach in Peru and it was very pretty, Huanchaco is kind of a touristy place. We played some light hearted softball for a couple hours which was fun, then after some photos, headed to the mall for a little bit. It was one of the better P-days I’ve had in the mission; though I was a little sore afterward (I wasn’t accustomed to running in the sand).
     The following days were a little hard as many appointments fell through, almost every single one. Though as we pressed forward we did find the people that the Lord had prepared for us.  Then this past Thursday we had our monthly zone conference which was very spiritual. Perhaps the largest focus was that of the need to use the Spirit in tall that we do, especially as we teach. Without the spirit, it truly is impossible to teach with my “power and authority,” it’s really impossible to teach at all as we’re not really the one’s teaching. That’s why young adults from all over the world, from whatever background can go forth with that missionary tag.  We don’t necessarily need to read the scriptures inside and out, we don’t need to convince anyone to do anything. Rather we are here to work according to the whisperings of the spirit and provide an atmosphere, a moment, in which he can enter into the hearts of those that we teach.  That’s when teaching with “power and authority” occurs when we are worthy of our calling as representatives of Christ and bring the spirit into the homes that we enter. Giving the people we work with a chance to feel his heart- changing influence.  In the conference the zone leaders focused specifically with the need to teach with inspired question  and the Book of Mormon.  As Elder Cabezas and I worked that day applying those principles, we could really notice a difference.  The Spirit was much more present in our lessons as we focused on his impressions;  A pretty awesome day to work in the vineyard.
     As a side note, I also wrote, practiced and played a song using my ukulele and my voice. I wrote the song on Wednesday and performed it Thursday during the zone conference.  My first time singing in front of others.  Luckily, it was well received and the zone enjoyed my song. I will admit that I was a little nervous presenting a song that I composed but all went well in the end- all due to having the zone leaders push me to do it.
     The family that we’re teaching, P___ and Y___, are still progressing. We focused on explaining what repentance truly meant with Y____this past week, to help her understand that we can be forgive for our sins rather than be punished for a long time. We invited her to read Alma 36 and ponder what it said. When we returned, she was different and as she explained how that chapter spoke directly to her I could see why she’d changed. She connected to a chapter, then applied what it taught, understanding that repentance really is. She is now faithfully reading the Book of Mormon, and tells us that after her 8 months of investigating, she now has the desire to be baptized for the 1st time. We just need to help Paul get to the same point as Y____ won’t get baptized without him. So keep them in your prayers.
     After a week filled with opposition, non-existent appointments, and several challenges, the miracles really did come. As we fasted this past weekend we were blessed to have 7 investigators and 3 less actives in church, we were blessed to find 12 new investigators, and we were blessed to have quite a few lessons.  P___even told us after church that he would pick a baptismal date and would let us know this coming Tuesday.  It’s clear that the Lord had made some large blessings in store which he made manifest after some “trail of (our) faith.” (Ether 12:6) So as we work with the spirit in our lives magnifying our respective calling, the eternal rewards will come. I pray each of you may find such and that your week will be great!


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