Monday, June 8, 2015

May 11, 2015 Temple Open House and 1st Week in Casa Grande

Week 43
      Well, I am writing this weekly letter in my new apartment in Casa Grande. It is an interesting town a little like Casma in terms of size and with the high proportion of mototaxis. Like San Jacinto the town is surrounded by sugar fields and there is a large sugar factory in the middle of town. So in that respect this town brings back a lot of memories from my days in San Jacinto. Elder Cabezas is a pretty cool missionary from Lima that’s been out for just over 4 months. I am his second companion and he knows everything pretty good considering he’s a relatively new missionary. Like most missionaries he’s just a little prideful (I was far worse), but we get along great and expect this next little while with him will be fun. The other change in my calling as a missionary is that I’m a district leader meaning I’m responsible for 2 other companionships. My responsibilities include conducting weekly training, verifying progress during the week, holding baptismal interviews, and a couple other things. It adds on more responsibilities and requires more of my time, but I look forward to learning what I’m supposed to learn from this calling.
     My last P-day in Vista Alegre simply involved stopping by the office, eating pizza, and packing. At the office I did run into a lot of missionaries that I knew like Elder Barrios and Elder Cowley. It was fun to run into them and some photos are attached. As for the pizza,  we decided to eat at Pizza Hut one last time before I left Trujillo and I’ll just say that I indulged myself. The next day I headed to one of the stake centers in Trujillo for transfers. I once again got to see a lot of familiar faces like Elder Duchnes and Elder Coca. Then the president spoke to us and spoke a little bit before transfers were announced and he made a little simple comment that impacted me.  He said that for each and every area God has prepared several souls to work with in their next 6 weeks, souls that are ready to progress. It’s our job to find them and the reason that he doesn’t just give us a list is that we are to exercise our faith. We have to give it all we got to find them and help ourselves grow in the process. I thought it was cool to view the work from that slightly larger perspective.
     Wednesday marked my first district meeting as a district leader and also gave me the chance to meet everyone in my zone. The zone appears to be pretty solid and my district is pretty awesome. I have two sister missionaries of which one is still in her training and I have two elders (apart from my companion) of which one is also training. So I have two missionaries being trained. However, they’re all awesome and work really hard. My first district lesson with them went well as I focused on the need to feel love for those that we help in that we help them to actually come unto Christ. I used Matthew 14: 24-33 to illustrate how we have to help our investigators take those steps toward Christ’s out stretched hand. It went pretty well and they were more than happy to participate. I have the best district in the whole mission I think.
     Before I mentioned how the sister missionaries have the chance to participate with the temple open house 3 times a week, but us elders don’t have such an opportunity. However, we can go visit it twice a week if we bring a less active member, a recent convert, and/or an investigator. So this last Saturday we were able to take a less active member and so we headed down to Trujillo. The temple is beautiful! We entered in through the gate then started off in a building which has rooms for people who visit the temple from afar kind of like a hotel. It was the nicest building I’d seen in Peru, but then we entered into the temple and I was surprised. It was one of the prettiest temples I’ve ever seen and all of you can check out some photos of the inside of the temple on It probably is the nicest building in Peru, but more importantly one can really feel the Spirit there even before it’s been dedicated. The people of Trujillo have received quite the blessing and they deserve it. I am just glad that I have the privilege to be here and help out. The less active member was also very happy to be there and was noticeably affected.
     So that includes a little bit about my week, I’ll be sure to talk a little more about investigators next week. However, there is a lot of work to do here in Casa Grande and I am excited to hit the ground running and get this area really going. I hope you all have a great week and I hope that Mother’s Day was great! Make this week count!
iHasta la proxima semena!


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