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May 18, 2015 Wonderful Temple Open House

May 18, 2015   Week 44

     Well marks my second week here in Casa Grande and it’s been a busy week. Being a district leader is turning out to take away some more time, but it is rewarding as it’s clear that the Lord pours out some extra blessings in my area. When I first got there I asked my companion who we had to teach and he was only able to name one or two names in terms of investigators. However, as we’ve worked hard we’ve been blessed to find quite a few more including a couple who were clearly prepared and ready. I’ll mention more about them a little later, but It’s been awesome to see the Lord’s hand in this work preparing a way forward on the condition that we work diligently. Casa Grande isn’t as well established as the Trujillo stakes and definitely has some work to be done which gives a lot of opportunity to make a difference – kind of like the branches of Casma. So we’ll keep pressing forward to keep the Lord’s work moving here. Anyway, with that in mind, I’ll let you all know about my week.

     Last P-day we once again kept it pretty simple and just relaxed which is always a welcome break. That also meant I could finally unpack completely. That night we started teaching Paul and Yajaira who are the parents of a young family. They explained how they listened to the missionaries several months before when they felt overly pressured to be baptized so the missionaries stopped. However, they explained how they like the church and shared how they received an answer about the Book of Mormon. They recently had been considering attending church again and in short were ready to learn more. So when my companion and I followed a prompting to knock their door, they were ready. We had a great conversation about the Book of Mormon in which we shared Alma 32 on the importance of nourishing ourselves with the ward. It should be awesome to see how they progress.

     Another investigator that the Lord placed in our path this week was a 22 year old named H____. He comes from a Catholic background, but has investigated several churches in the past couple years. I remember that before the 1st lesson we left him a pamphlet of the Restoration to read before we taught him. I’ve done that many times and no one ever reads it completely. However, he read it and remembered all the dates and had dearly studied it. From there we have had several good lessons with him about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. He has kept his commitments every lesson and shows a genuine desire to investigate. He even accepted the invitation to be baptized this coming month in June.

     Another blessing this past week was being able to go to the temple twice. On Wednesday we headed down with a recent convert named R___ who really seemed to enjoy it. He also is a carpenter so the wood work also impressed him. Afterward, he had a lot of interest in asking us exactly how he’ll be able to enter. The following days we organized to have 18 members to ride with us in a van which we hired. It proved to be a lot of work, but in the end all worked out. We headed to the temple on Saturday and were impressed by the sheer number of people there (around 10,000 people visited the open house that day). There were countless double decker buses from Chimbote, Casma, Chiclayo, Lima and several more places.  It was a sight to behold to see people from all of Peru coming to see this temple. I even ran into some people from San Jacinto which was awesome. The temple was exceptional as always, I keep noticing a few more details each time I go. It’s a very special temple and it’s easy to see just how excited the people are here to have it.

      This past Sunday was also a special day as we were blessed to have some less actives and investigators attend. Y___ and P____ attend with their whole family and really enjoyed it. I was so excited to see them there because seeing a family progress together is such a wonderful thing  to be part of. Also, several of less actives attended for their first times in many years (they happened to be ones we brought with us to the temple on Saturday). It’s been clear to see the miracles happening here in Casa Grande, especially in this special time. Not many missionaries get the chance to serve as a temple open house takes place. What a special chance we to have here in the Trujillo Mission.  Reverting back to Sunday, we also gave talks that went well, though the microphone was broken. However, all went well and giving talks is becoming more enjoyable as I have really learned how to navigate my way around the Spanish language.

     Well that will have to be it for this week’s letter from a missionary all the way down south here in Peru. May you all have a great week in which you can view the little miracles/tender mercies which occur each and everyday. Until Monday!  iCuidense iChao!



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