Monday, June 8, 2015

May 4, 2015 5th Week in Vista Alegre


Week 42

     Well, this letter marks the end of another transfer here in the Trujillo mission. My first transfer since I’ve returned.  Like I’ve done in the past, I’ll save the information regarding changes until the end as I am starting to write this before I know.  This week has been good and interesting as Elder Simper and I served as temporary district leaders, and as we’ve continued to have a lot of success here with respect to investigators. Thus we’ve really been busy this past week, but it’s been good and I suppose I like to keep myself busy.  I thank those who sent me emails as I do appreciate them, sometimes my short responses might not demonstrate that well.  Well, let’s get into how my week went.

      On Monday we started the day as we normally would emailing our families which was good though it was a little different to be in charge as temporary district leaders.  Anyway, afterward we headed to the Trujillo Mall which is a large modern mall like one would find it the U.S.  Now those that know me know that I don’t like shopping, especially at a mall, but enjoying a large cheeseburger in the food court was enjoyable. So we had another fairly low-key P-day. Though the zone leaders told Elder Simpson and I that we would need to prepare and teach our district the following day (meaning we would have to conduct a 2 hour class for 6-8 other missionaries).
     The next day came and we ended up having the class go pretty well. It was actually kind of fun to be up front teaching for once. During my whole mission I’ve always just sat and listened each Tuesday morning, but having to be up front teaching was definitely a new perspective. The other missionaries seemed to  enjoy it too, though I might have used some candy I brought back from the states to help gain favor in their eyes…
     As I’ve mentioned before, something that I enjoy seeing as a missionary is how the simple principles of the Gospel work in changing the lives of people as they’re receptive to affirming impressions of the Spirit.  Last week I briefly mentioned how  J___, the 58 year old of a member, told us that she that she wanted to be baptized.  It was a surprise as she’s listened to missionaries for 15 years but never come to such a decision. When we first visited her some things became apparent about her situation.  She was fairly ill and resultantly wanted to be baptized. However, as we verified to see if she had a testimony, she told us that the “true Church of Christ” referred to all true followers of Christ whether they be Mormon, Catholic, Baptist, or whatever sect.  So we used the past week to focus on the simple truths of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon to help her better understand what the Church of Jesus Christ refers to and to help her form a testimony there of. I was surprised as she told us that when she read the Book of Mormon she felt a distinctive peace to which she interpreted to be a an answer from God that therefore Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that this truly is the true church of Christ. In other words, she changed completely, and is very ready for her baptismal date for the 16th of May.  During my short time here in Vista Alegre I’ve witnessed several changes like this which have been big testimony builders and are why I enjoy being a missionary.
      We’ve had a lot of fun this week as the Lord blessed us with success. However, I just spoke to the assistants and they told me that even though I’ve been here for 5 weeks in Vista Alegre, that I’ll be heading north to Casa Grande.  I will be taking the place of Elder Coca as District Leader over there and I will companion up with Elder Cabezas who was also trained by Elder Coca my trainer. So will admit that I was not expecting to be moved again, but I guess that is how it goes. This means in about 10 months as a missionary I’ve had 4 areas and 9 companions, quite a bit more than other missionaries. So well I guess I’m excited to head north to Casa Grande as District Leader where like San Jacinto there are sugar cane fields and a sugar factory. The wards there are also fairly weak like the branch of San Jacinto so I should feel at home. This also means that I will stay with President Marler in the North Trujillo Mission when the mission is split this summer into two missions.   So I guess that about sums up my week and I need to get packing so I bid you a good week and I wish you all the very best! I’ll talk to you all next week.
Elder Joshua Pulsipher

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