Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015 Wonderful and Busy Week

That time has come back around and it’s time to look over the weekly letter of missionary work way down south in a little country called Peru. This past week was great seeing as though it was fairly normal and the Lord has blessed us to press forward with faith in our little part of his vineyard. Elder Caceres is becoming more and more adapted to missionary life and has passed through some rough patches trying to get used to being a full time servant of the Lord. But in these past few weeks, we’ve worked hard and have grown close together. The Spirit has also been so very present everyday as we set out to serve. It’s  helped to me to realize that every step as missionaries isn’t an accident and that the Lord truly guides us to those whom he has prepared and that every step fulfills our preordained mission for these 2 years as representatives of Christ.
      On Monday we headed to Trujillo as a zone which was pretty awesome. Though I was one of the few missionaries that actually knew Trujillo pretty well so I had to guide everyone around. We headed to a famous strip of stores called Espana Avenue and we headed to the mall. Along the way we ran into a lot of missionaries which was cool, but it did slow us down a bit. However, I got to by some Chinese food and some donuts so I was content. Later that day we visited the D___family to help them learn how to conduct family home evening. It was clear that there was a different spirit in that house. They had a large picture of the temple on the wall (a gift from one of the members) and they were noticeably happier. It’s hard to fully explain with words, but it’s been so easy to see how choosing to follow Christ has completely changed this family with a calming peace in their home and within their countenances. Experiences like this one are certainly a part of what makes these the best 2 years. As missionaries we help others come unto Christ and taste of his infinite goodness if they accept the invitation.

     On Wednesday, we had our monthly zone conference here in Casa Grande which was rather uplifting. We finally received information about temple attendance and learned that as missionaries we will only be able to attend once every 3 months as zones. However, we can take recent converts to the temple. So we can take P___ and Y____ soon to do baptisms. The conference also had a large emphasis on faith. We have the same commission that Alma exclaimed in Alma 5:49. Like the missionaries of old, we are called to declare “everyone that dwelleth in the land…that they must repent and be born again“ to be filled with true joy. We have the same power and authority as that of the missionaries of old and we are just as capable as they were. However, perhaps one of the limits we place ourselves would be that of our faith. As Moroni wrote, “it was by faith that they of old were called after the holy order of God,” “It was the faith of Ammon and his brethren which wrought [such success with thousands].”  So if as missionaries we truly have faith in Christ, having hope and trust in his promises without doubt and press forward, we can and will teach with the same power and authority of those that have passed like Ammon.

     Returning back to the work here in Casa Grande, Jose continues to show a lot of pure desires and is progressing along. We had one special lesson in which we shared Mormon expounding upon the truth that God is a God of Miracles. He doesn’t change and if he called prophets before and worked miracles, why and how could he change if he is an unchangeable being. It was an impactful lesson and it helped Jose to see the importance in obtaining a testimony of Joseph Smith. We also met a young man named A___ who was completely prepared to listen to use and return to church. He is a young man who went inactive a year ago and lives alone with his mother who isn’t a member. We taught them both this week and went with them to church this past Sunday. The ward jumped in to welcome them. Now he and his mother will probably return to church regularly, because the Lord prepared them and blessed us with some awesome members. We’ll continue to work with A___ and his mother and who knows maybe Meli will want to be baptized. Only time will tell.

     It’s been a good week here in Casa Grande as we’ve tried to increase our faith and magnify our calling as messengers of Christ. I hope you all have a great week and recognize the blessings that the Lord pours upon us daily, be it during time of trial or times of peace. I also thank those that take the time to write emails.

iHasta la proxima semana!

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