Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015 A Trip to the Beach and a Wonderful Week


     This coming week marks the end of yet another transfer cycle. Interesting to think I’ve been with Elder Caceras for 5 weeks now. When I think how I felt when one of the assistants called me and told me I would be training I remember feeling a little apprehension and unsure of what would happen, unsure what challenges and successes would confront me. Thus it is just before a change in our way of life occurs. We get comfortable were out and change can seem undesirable, but what I’ve learned is that when we just take that step forward with faith, trusting completely in the Lord, all will work out to our favor. Now maybe that won’t happen immediately, but there are many experiences waiting within those changes that help us grow better magnifying potential. Thus it has been with Elder Caceros. Sure we’ve had our challenges, our ups and downs, but along the way I know that I’ve grown a lot as a missionary and as a disciple of Christ and the he also has grown alongside me. This past week was great and some miracles were definitely seen here in the work as they are ever so present.

      Last P-day was actually rather special. Elder Caceras and I headed with a family (that have been members for 2 years) to a little town further up in the foothills of the Andes in their car. We found ourselves in a very peaceful place with fresh air and a great view. To pass some time we played guitar and ukulele which made for a lot of fun. It was a fun little getaway that brightened our day and let us adventure out of Casa Grande. We also got to teach J__, but I’ll mention him a bit later.
      Every Tuesday morning we have district meeting where the entire zone of missionaries come to Casa Grande to be trained once a week. We start off together as a zone then break apart into our respective districts where the district leaders lead a two hour training according to the needs of the district. So as a district leader I prayerfully prepare a class each week. This week I focused on the Book of Mormon and how like the Liahona it can guide and will guide us through this life if we’re obedient and if we give it attention. As missionaries we frequently encounter that guiding power and it is our responsibility to help others recognize that power, helping find answers to their doubts through that book. Getting to talk and teach about the power the book has to change the lives of those we teach is always something I love to explain as the spirit is ever so present.

       This week we also had a multi-zone conference in Trujillo. The focus was that of the temple and on helping those we teach understand the need to go to church. It was inspiring and I liked D& C 109:22 which mentions how we will leave the temple armed with power and protection being that we’re servants of the Lord. Sister Marler also gave each one of us a piece of the temple painting. Meaning that the paintings for the temple were printed in the states then shipped here and applied to the walls in some parts, the extra bits which were cut off were given to us. It was fun and I’m sure there are pictures on the blog.
     The Lord blessed us with several miracles here in Casa Grande. J____ is continuing to progress and told us that if he were married, he would be baptized the next day. We explained the law of chastity and he told us he will marry his partner very soon (money being the problem). We also explained the Word of Wisdom and he told us that “I am drinking coffee and tea, but I won’t from here on out.” He is so willing to change and it has been a miracle. His heart has been softened after several years. Another sister, I___, whose son is a member and who has listened to missionaries off and on for 13 years, told us that she’s willing to give up some worldly things and wants to be baptized on the 8th of August! The Lord is blessing us to see miracles for sure.
     This past Sunday was also a day of miracles as quite a few investigators and less actives came to church. I also gave a talk about the fundamental importance in reading the Book of Mormon each day. That if we don’t, we’re living below our God-given potential. That if we’ll but read it 15 minutes a day, our lives will change. I finished reading it again this past week and I can promise assuredly that it changes lives and that it, in combination with the temple, works miracles. Miracles that I have seen in the lives of many like J___ and I___ (they both went to the Temple Open House as well).
     I wish you all a great week!

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