Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 29, 2015

    Well as you read this letter June will be coming to an end, so I’ll once again mention how fast time flies by.  It’s been a month I won’t be slow to forget.  To think that I had the privilege to be here in Peru as the Trujillo temple was dedicated is extraordinary.  I could have gone to my mission at any time, but the Lord has placed me here in the Trujillo, Peru Mission between 2014 and 2016. It’s been no coincidence and I am confident in the truth that I was supposed to be here in the past year to do things that only Elder Pulsipher could do in San Jacinto, Trujillo, and now Casa Grande to meet prepared souls, to help prepare some more, to make lasting friends, and to grow personally. What a wonder to think of what the Lord has in store for me, especially as a temple now stands in operation.  I’m sure many miracles are waiting ahead in the future, but I’ll have to magnify every day to find them.  This past week has been a lot of fun since Elder Cacares and I have really set to work here in Casa Grande.  He’s getting more and more accustomed to missionary life and does require a little patience at times, but we’re great friends and the Lord is blessing us.  It wasn’t by happenstance that we’ve been put together as companions during this time.
     This past week was actually pretty normal without any major happening outside the ordinary and last P-day was pretty uneventful.  So I’ll just hop in to how some of my investigators are doing. ___ and ____ are still on track to be baptized this coming Saturday!  There are still a couple things we need to teach them, but they’re prepared.  These past few weeks haven’t been easy for them as they’ve past through several trials. Their families are strongly opposed to their decision to be baptized and have made that well known. They’re passing through economic challenges as well, struggling to make ends meet. They’ve gone through more, too, and in ____'s words “these weeks have been the hardest of my life.” However, during this they have been holding firm to their testimonies that they’ve obtained through the Book of Mormon.  They say that even though they’re passing through hardship, they’ve never been happier as a family.  Keep them in your prayers this week.
     Another family, who I mentioned last week, is the family of ___ and ___. ___ has attended church for quite a while with her baptized daughter, but hasn’t been able to take that step because of her husband.  However, as I mentioned last week, Jose has changed completely.  He told us on Friday that he is being tempted a lot each day, but as he reads the Book of Mormon and prays, he’s able to overcome those temptations.  He told us that he’s willing to do anything to continue coming unto Christ and enter through that gate that is baptism.  If I’ve ever met someone who really demonstrates true intent, it would have to be him. The largest obstacle we have to overcome is that of marriage, but I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to. They’ve been talking about taking that step in order to get baptized.
     This past weekend we had stake conference which was awesome. Our pensionista gave a talk about temples and started by singing a hymn which was certainly memorable.  I was also impacted by President Marler’s remarks on obedience.  He said that if we only want immortality we need not worry. All will be resurrected through the merits of Christ’s infinite atonement.  All will be raised into immortality regardless of how they used their agency.  However, if we want eternal life, if we want joy in this life and the life to come that lasts more than a moment, we’ll have to be obedient to God’s laws. We might try to work out way around or look for loop holes that don’t exist, but true happiness come from diligent obedience to the laws and ordinances that Christ established.  I was also sad to learn that despite the fact that so many attended the cultural event and the dedication, very few attended the temple this past week. The temple is very close now but maybe it’s being taken a little for granted.  It’s my prayers that we might live up to our potential and use what the Lord has given us to bless our lives.
     I hope you all have a wonderful week and that the Lord blesses you in whatever you do. I Hasta La proxima.


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