Wednesday, October 14, 2015

August 3, 2015 Attending the Trujillo Temple for the First Time

     It feels strange to write this again as I was writing just a few days ago. Since I last wrote, I was able to attend the Trujillo Temple, teach some lessons, and enjoy Sunday. So this letter might be a little short, but I'll probably focus most on the temple.
     We loaded onto one of the buses headed from Casa Grande to Trujillo together as a zone on Friday morning. Then we got off in front of the temple, so close to the house of the Lord. Walking onto the grounds was different since it was the first time I'd been there since the Open House, so the giant tents and countless number of people weren't present - certainly a lot more peaceful. Then we headed in for a session as a zone with President and Sister Marler which made for a special experience. The pure calm feeling of the Lord's Spirit was so ever present there in the house of the Lord. It led me to the calm assurance that what I'm doing is ordained by God. I'm called of God to represent Him in bringing and declaring the truth to those whom he as prepared. I didn't really want to leave the temple, but eventually the time came to an end. It would be so amazing to go more often, like once or twice a week, but as missionaries we only get to go once every three months. It was a memorable experience that I will be very slow to forget. Thus it is when we enter the house of the Lord and how great would it be to choose to do so often.
     I will make mention of a miracle like change that we've seen in the lives of another family. Avid readers of my weekly accounts (if any exist) will remember that about 2 months ago we made donuts in the house of a less active, partial member family. We've worked with the inactive mother and daughter who are great. They'll read their scriptures and express huge words of excitement to go to church, but despite our best efforts they have never went. However, fairly recently we came in contact with the non-member father. He listened to the missionaries in the past, but never progressed. We showed the video of the Restoration on Saturday which he really got into. Then we explained how the Book of Mormon was the evidence of what we taught, he was very prompt to ask us, really ask us for a copy. Then on Sunday the miracle came, the whole family came to church and liked it. Johnny (the father) was visibly happy and is starting to break off his shell and is much more relaxed around us. We'll see where it all goes, but it has been awesome to see how the Restoration has a special ability to touch hearts.
     Well like I said, this will be kind of a short letter. I wish you all an excellent week! I also put out a special shout out to the Pulsipher family who will be having their family reunion this coming week. I love you all and send my love and appreciation from Peru.

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