Wednesday, October 14, 2015

July 31, 2015 A Week of Miracles

     Well, I’m writing this letter a little later than usual as our P-day was switched up. We got to attend the temple every 3 months, as zones of missionaries and today (Friday, July 31) will be my first time attending the Trujillo temple! It should be a very memorable experience to be in the Lord’s house right here in Trujillo, entering as a full-time missionary. Now because we will be attending the temple today (Friday) our P-day was changed to today. This last Sunday marked the end of transfer cycle and I predictably stayed here with my companion since we’re in the middle of training. So this was the first transfer that didn’t involve a change of companion or area that I had since my time in San Jacinto with my second companion. Things are starting to settle down after 10 companions, 4 areas, and a little time of medical leave. This past week and a half has been awesome, absolutely full of miracles showing how mercifully the Lord blesses us while we work in his vineyard. In the words of Elder Holland, “it is a marvelous work and a wonder” that the Lord blesses us missionaries as much as he does.”
     Last P-day, we headed up a little bit north of Casa Grande to Puerto Chicuma, a really cool beach. It was a multi-zone P-day in which my zone and the Guadalope zone were in attendance with President Marler and his family. It was a lot of fun to play softball again and then to have an “unjudged sand castle contest.” I might have been a little red afterward, but it was good fun and Casa Grande is the lucky zone that’s gotten to go twice within 2 months to the beach.
     E___ is continuing to head toward her baptism on the 8th. Last week after a lesson that seemed a little off, she opened up with us to let us know that she had some doubts about her decision.  It turned out that she had spoken to her mother who is an active member of another faith. Her mother made her doubt her ability to follow through with things. She was unsure if she really had a testimony and if she’d follows through. There are a lot of things we could’ve said, but we simply turned toward the Book of Mormon indicating she would be sure if she persisted reading and praying. It was a simple invitation which we know held God-promised truth, but we still worried for her. Then the miracle came. She told us a few days later in church that she’d had a dream and she knew the Book of Mormon was true! She was set on following through with the 8th of August.
     This past Sunday was also full of miracles. We sat in the Sacrament room as we always do, but this time Ermila and her investigating son, J___ and his wife R___, a young couple (C__ and C___), and several other investigators and less actives came. It was a huge miracle. Our Gospel Principles class almost didn’t have enough seats. We worked hard in these past few weeks and it’s amazing to see the recompense, especially to see how the Lord has blessed us to work with families undoubtedly due to the presence of a temple here. Many of these people have been impacted in some way by the temple and it is clear to see that the Lord is preparing more of his children to make their way to his house right here in Trujillo.
     Well, I’ll have to cut this short as I haven’t had very much free time to write this week. However, we have seen many miracles as the Spirit has worked in the lives of these we teach. We might pass through difficulties and challenges, but as we preserver with faith the blessings come. So many experiences occur each and every day in the mission which testify and witness that the work is true, that Christ does send his work through revelation. We had several other things happen like meeting in Trujilllo for trainers and trainees, we said goodbye to Elder Cowley (our zone leader) and some interesting district meetings.  Above everything else, know that I’m doing great and that today we’re going to the house of the Lord, the Trujillo Temple! It should be an excellent day. Have a great week and I’ll write again on Mondays.

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