Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 12, 2015 A Long Hike with a Family

     The time has come once again for me to write this weekly account of my happenings here in Peru. We’ve had a good week; well every week is a good week, as the Lord has shown his hand in the work. It’s been a fairly normal week here with things rolling forward like always.  However, Elder Parkinson is really coming along as a new missionary, his Spanish is getting pretty good and he is becoming quite the missionary.  I’ve learned a lot from his diligence that he demonstrates each and every day which the Lord blesses him for.  In the mission we get to meet, live, and work with many companions from a myriad of backgrounds which always makes the work a little different, but there are always several things to learn from each and every one. I’ve had 11 and I’ve got no doubt that each and every one was placed into my life for a reason, never by chance or accident.  I know that missionary work, like the church, is led by revelation stemming from Christ who leads it all.

      On Monday while sisters in my district headed to Trujillo to take care of some things.  We spent P-day with the family who washes our clothes and the elders from my district. We headed to a nearby reservoir which led to a very long walk, though we might have wandered a little off the path at times.  Once we got there I was kindly greeted by the familiar sight of a damned up fresh water lake. I will admit that wakeboarding came to mind a few times, but likely there are not any boats here to tempt me, we simply hiked alongside it and enjoyed some moments together and then we made the way back to Casa Grande.  It was a good P-day though I was a little sleepy that night in a family home evening we attended.

      Once a month we have zone conferences where the zone leaders are in charge of transmitting the training they received from the president and the assistants during their monthly counsel meeting with the zone leaders of the mission.  Usually, I simply listen and take notes to what they say, but this time they asked me the night before if I would give a part of the training, even though I’d not attended the leadership counsel.  So I stayed up a little late preparing last minute for my presentation. Then the next morning I hurriedly prepared a couple slides in PowerPoint at the church.  Then to my surprise the assistants attended the same conference.  However, in the end all went well and I was able to provide my part with respect to using indicators in more effectively helping other come unto Christ.  I am starting to discover how much I like teaching others, yet I’m not by any means perfect but I like it.

     This past week we also have been working a lot with E___who is the less active who has made donuts with us a few times.  The wife of J__ who has I have mentioned before.  She’s made a lot of progress in these past few months and now is attending regularly with her 2 daughters.  It’s been very rewarding to see her start reading the Book of Mormon each day and start to attend each Sunday.  She was officially reactivated yesterday and received a calling in the nursery which she’s started to magnify. Her father from Trujillo also attended church yesterday and seeing his joy in seeing his daughter return to church touched my heart.  It made me reflect how much joy our Heavenly Father must have in seeing E___ come back to his house of prayer.  In as much as earthly parents love us, how much more does our Eternal Father love us and rejoice when we exercise our agency to come unto him through the merits and example of his Beloved Son.  God must have lots of joy in this work of helping his children come back unto him. What a privilege it is to be part of a work with such eternal significance.

     Well, that will conclude the thoughts of a young missionary from the depths of Peru.  This next week should be a good one and I believe we’ll get the opportunity to be trained by a Seventy. May each and every one of you continue forward in your individual endeavors with success remembering that Heavenly Father who watches over us.

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