Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 A New Companion

Dear Family and Friends,
     I’ve heard many say that this life is full of surprises and I suppose that it really does translate to reality. I hadn’t expected to be back training, but that’s exactly what happened.  I’ll train for 6 consecutive months, 3 with Elder Caceres and now 3 more with Elder Parkinson. It’s something that I really enjoy since there is a very special spirit involved in the work with new missionaries. I know I am supposed to be the teacher, but I feel like I am the one learning the most. I will admit that training a gringo companion came as a surprise to me, but Elder Parkinson is great. He’s from Draper, Utah and graduated from high school this past year.  He’s almost the exact same age as my brother Brian, who was born just a week before. His Spanish is surprisingly good and he’s a hard worker that’s becoming a close friend.  I’m sure that there are probably pictures of us on the blog. 
     On Tuesday, I led the 5 other trainers to Trujillo to meet and pick-up our trainees. We sat on the left side of the chapel while the new missionaries entered and sat on the right. We then started the meeting where we got to listen to the President and the testimony of each missionary, having no idea which one would be our companion.  Then Elder Marshall started announcing the companionships and when he came to my name there were only 2 missionaries left, a gringo and a Latino. So Elder Parkinson was called and a strong embrace shortly followed. The adventure was about to begin and Elder Parkinson was about to meet a great ward in Casa Grande called Independencia. My second time bringing a new missionary back to this area.
     Now prior to meeting Elder Parkinson on Tuesday I was in a trio of missionaries with Elder Cuno and Elder Caceras and I got to experience the miracle with G__ that I mentioned last week.  She’s doing absolutely great.  She has to be one of the most prepared investigators in history. This faithful sister has read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and now is finishing 3 Nephi for the 2nd time and returned missionaries from Latin America will know that’s quite unusual.  She also is already living the law of tithing. Her son is also a return missionary.  In fact, a lot of members thought she was already a member, but they are very happy that she’ll be taking that step of baptism this next Saturday, the 19th of September.  So we have the privilege to teach her this next week in preparation for her baptism, yet another miracle the Lord’s allowed us to take part in. Pray for her as I’m sure we’ll pass through some trials this week, since there’s always opposition, always.
      We teach so many lessons each week which makes it hard to decide what to mention in these letters, however one comes to mind.  We had a zone conference this past week which helped us understand how we really need to help people understand who EXACTLY is God, our Heavenly Father, so they’ll be more apt to move closer to Him. It really impacted me when I heard that, since usually I just say God is our loving Heavenly Father and leave it at that.  So when we met with A__ this past week and he indicated he’d like to come unto God some more a very cool lesson followed. We were going to talk about the law of Chastity but felt the impression to really talk about fervent, daily prayer along with diligent scripture study as ways to really come to know our Heavenly Father. The testimonies my companion shared along with Carlos (the 1st counselor of the Stake Presidency) were especially moving. The Lord undoubtedly left a large part of his Spirit that night and I felt that A__better understood who his eternal father was. Sometimes returning to the basics makes all the difference as we have the tendency to over complicate things, pressing forward in the gospel really isn’t all that complicated. The well-versed “primary answers” really are the core fundamentals that make it all possible, and I suppose that we all know that , but do we really live them fully?
     This week has gone flying by and I wish you all the very best. Make the most of every moment that comes your way. Thank you all for your support.


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