Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015 Last Day in Casa Grande - transferred to Trujillo

     This week marks yet another transfer cycle here in Casa Grande. I’ve been here for 30 weeks and it’s been a pleasure to watch the Lord perform miracle after miracle as people who I love have overcome obstacles following the steps of Christ. I’ve trained two missionaries and made many friendships which I hope to maintain for a lifetime. The Lord prepares his children,”preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word” in every part of his vineyard. It’s a work he’s been up to since the foundation of the world and thus in every part of his vineyard there are our people whom we are called to better prepare and prepared people we’re meant to find. However, the Lord doesn’t give us some sort of list a map to find them. We have to rely on the spirit to guide us supporting our faith and diligence. And thus we work hard to find those in the Lord places in our path who are waiting specifically for us. So in these past few months I’ve done everything I could to find those prepared sons and daughters of God, and help better prepare others for the future.
     On Monday I decided to take my district to “el brujo” once again. We ate at a Chifa (a Peruvian Chinese restaurant) before leaving which was really good and then headed over in a van that we hired. It always impacts me to see how the culture used to be here at a place that dates back civilizations that existed as early as 5000 years ago. There is so much history in this country. We then got to end the night with the R family and the Y family and their respective family home evenings. They are all doing well as they take one step in each and every day in their path toward eternal families.
     During these past few months Elder Parkinson and I have talked a lot about how as missionaries we need to teach people, not lessons. How we need to help people with their personal conversion on the path of discipleship rather than just regurgitating some robotic missionary discussion. This past week we had a critical lesson plan with Marlene in order to finish lessons so we can officially reactivate her. However, when we started she indicated that she had not read the book of Mormon.  So rather than simply inviting her to read and move on with our planned lesson, we decided to read with her and apply the Scriptures to her and then listen to what she had to say. As we did so the spirit touched her heart and she opened up expressing how she was going through many trials and could barely hold it together. The passage we are reading just happened to detail Christ’s atonement and we testified with the spirit about Christ power to heal wounded/afflicted souls. She could then understand why there are things in the gospel that could lighten her burdens rather than add to them. It was a very spiritual lesson which occurred because we focused on her and her needs.
     On Wednesday we headed to Trujillo in order to attend a ward council  training. It was given by Elder Juan Uceda (the northwestern area president) and he focused a lot on the importance of going to the temple frequently. He also did a visual example of the eternal impact of helping a family become firm in the gospel, by having members of the audience go up representing the future generations of an active family - how having just one family quickly multiplies (it was very impactful from a missionary perspective).
     On Thanksgiving Thursday I headed to Ascope to interview five baptismal candidates to be baptized on Friday. I started at 3:30 and ended at 8:40 making for a very tired Elder Pulsipher. It was certainly an interesting Thanksgiving. The following day we returned to Ascope in the evening to attend the baptisms in the presence of Pres. and Sister Marler. It was very special to witness them get baptized and the car ride back with the president was convenient.
     It was then on Saturday that during a fairly uneventful day I received a call from Pres. Marler.  He asked me if I would accept the call to be as a zone leader. It came as a surprise, but accepted.  So it turns out that I will be leaving Casa Grande. However, I know that I’m leaving my area in good hands. Elder Parkinson is an exceptional missionary.
     I’ll be heading to the central zone which is located in central Trujillo, my area will include the Plaza de Armas of Trujillo. It was the previous zone that I was in so I am returning. I will be with Elder Sotelo so it should all be very interesting.
     I need to pack so have a great week!

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