Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 21, 2015 Christmas Concert and going to the temple

     Hard to believe that I find myself writing another one of these weekly entries, it seems like I just wrote the last one. This past week was definitely a unique one as it contained some experiences that I probably won’t experience again during my mission. Like I mentioned in my previous letters, being a missionary this time of year is a very special time and this is the last time I’ll get to experience it here in Peru serving as a full-time missionary.

     On Monday we headed to the mission office to practice for the Christmas show that we would be doing later on during the week. It was fun to see some other missionaries and watch some of the musical numbers. I ran into Elder Parkinson who is doing great in Casa Grande. He told me that P and J received the Melchizedek priesthood and that their respective families are doing very well. It’s hard to explain the happiness one feels as he hears that families he’s helped come unto Christ are doing so well in their pressing forward, it means a lot. I also heard that E finally obtained a very certain answer that this is the one and only true church of Christ, and that she is doing very well. After the practice we went to the mall with our zone and had a good lunch and did a little shopping. Those who know me know that I’m not a big shopper but I do like eating.

     Last week I cited Isaiah’s prophesy of the temple in our day and well this week I got to return again to help me learn more of the Lord’s way and walk more in his paths. I was a little sick before going to the temple which wasn’t seemingly perfect timing, however during my time inside I could no longer feel the achy pains of being sick. I was simply filled with the peaceful influence of the spirit. It was there in that moment when I was reminded that as we live worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost, there is no reason why we can’t choose to be happy in spite of whatever happens in this life. I then was able to talk to each of my missionaries in the celestial room which was pretty nice.
     Later in the week we had a pretty cool lesson with an investigator named F. She was taught previously and knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true, but hasn’t acted upon that knowledge. So we decided to go over the Restoration with her. It was hard since she owns a little internet shop and she has 2 toddlers which caused a lot of distractions. However, at the end I asked her how she feels when she attends church and when she reads the Book of Mormon. She answered that she felt something unexplainable, something undeniably different and great. I then testified that the spirit had been bearing witness to her for a reason and that he was preparing her to come unto Christ. I then asked that if she continued to feel that influence in life by the second of January, would she then be willing to follow Christ’s example through baptism and she said yes. What a special moment that was amongst all the hustle and bustle.
     This past Friday and Saturday we had the mission’s Christmas show in Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas. While walking to the Friday practice session with my companion (he had a solo so he would be going both days), I received a call from the assistants asking me to come to the mission home. It was there that I got to spend the majority of the day taking care of a sick missionary in the comfort of the mission home. However, I did get to take him later that night to watch the show and I was put on crowd control. It was a great show though there were some problems with the sound and keeping control of the crowd. The next day I got to practice with several other zones and then to got to sing in the choir. The show was a lot better organized and attended on Saturday and the special numbers were well done. It was the last show for the Marlers and myself, but it was a good one.
     Well, the Christmas season is here and this Friday we will get to celebrate that great day. Amidst the trees, gifts, reindeer, lights, candy canes, and stockings may we all remember the humble beginning and coming of our Savior into this world. The Savior whose sacrifice frees us all from sin and affliction as we follow his ever illuminating light. How dark and hopeless would be this world without his coming to it. May you all remember Him and have a very Merry Christmas!
iFeliz Navidad!

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