Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 7, 2015 Farewell Party from Casa Grande Ward after 8 months in that area

Well, it appears that the Christmas season is once again come around as December now passes by. I am now in the city center of Trujillo which presents a very different set of pace in comparison to Casa Grande. It is a lot different living and proselyting in the heart of all the hustle and bustle. However like I said, the Christmas spirit is starting to make itself more and more present, and more and more trees can be seen along with Christmas lights and all the familiar Christmas traditions. It’s that same spirit that softens the hearts of people worldwide, especially here in Peru, making it an excellent time to be a full time missionary. I couldn’t think of a better month to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, reminding all of his enabling, infinite atonement as we celebrate his humble birth.
     Last Monday I spent my last day in Casa Grande. The Fackrells( a senior missionary couple) invited us and the rest of the zone over for a late Thanksgiving meal which included some very tasty turkey and some delicious pie. Then I was privileged to enjoy a great family home evening with the Rameriz family about the function of the temple in our salvation and how so many sacred ordinances there bring us nearer to God and further protect/fortify us against opposing forces.  It is such a fundamental part in forming a strong eternally gospel-centered family. It was a fitting end to my teaching them. Then we had a “family home evening” which actually turned into a ward farewell for me.  It wasn’t anticipated but everyone came and shared their farewells, thus ending a chapter of my mission that I’ll hold very dear. It’s hard to describe, to fully describe, the love one develops for so many people after serving them for nearly 8 months.
     On Tuesday I headed down to Trujillo for transfers and it was there that I got to meet my new companion, Elder S__. He is from Arequipa, Peru and has been in the mission for 23 months. So this will be his last transfer. He’s my twelfth companion and is fairly different than any other companion I’ve had, but I suppose as missionaries we do have the opportunity to learn how to work with people.
     We were blessed to meet a very prepared investigator named Y. She’s a single mother how is going through some challenges right now, but is looking for the “right path.” After sharing the Restoration with her we simply invited her to pray about its authenticity. In the next lesson after feeling a strong spirit during our presentation of the Book of Mormon she shared that she had prayed then dreamt of the first vision. She had received an answer which the Spirit reminded her of. It was a very special moment that reminded me how the Lord will answer everyone’s prayers as they truly ask with faith and pure intent. It’s amazing how things so small and simple like prayer can make all the difference and cause big things to happen.
     As a zone leader, I’ve certainly been more occupied in this past week then in previous weeks. However, on Thursday I got to attend my first leadership counsel, which refers to the meeting of all the zone leaders, sister leaders, office missionaries, and the Marlers. We were trained in the vision  that President Marler and the assistants had for the coming month and it certainly was an interesting experience. The assistants spoke a lot about Christmas and the church’s new “A Savior is Born” video. President Marler spoke on how the church can become more established here in our mission. He mentioned how truly established the church depends on really having the desires to do so, we have to work with all our heart if we truly want to find success. So now I need to work with my companion and the sister leaders to prepare our zone conference transmitting this vision to the rest of our zone.
     Well, I hope the rest of you have an excellent week and make the most of this special time of year.


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