Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 16, 2015 A Week that was Distinct and Wonderful

PHOTOS ARE BELOW EACH LETTER!     In the mission there are weeks that pass by which are fairly routine, for lack of a better word, in terms of normal missionary activities. This past week was not one of those weeks. Between several missionary meetings and ward activities, and various other things, this week has been rather distinct. However, I am starting to learn that more often then not there really aren’t all that many “normal weeks” in the mission or in life. Perhaps sometimes we might find ourselves falling into the daily routine, however as we truly seize the day and live up to our full potential there are a myriad of distinct experiences waiting for us. Perhaps we’ll further come to realize how this life is a journey, rich of life changing moments, toward eternal happiness, and not simply a repetitive daily “routine.”
     On Monday, we followed a member, A, toward a nearby Twin (there are lot of ruins in Peru, the majority are unprotected). It led to a fun afternoon as a district and it was pretty cool to see ancient American constructions that date back centuries, though many artifacts had clearly been dug up and robbed. There is a lot of history which is very visible across this whole country.  We then had a family home evening with a less active we had just started teaching, V, who has been inactive for many years.  However, she we surprisingly animated to receive us and even invited a non-member friend over, M, who was very interested in investigating the church.  We covered a few questions and then shared a very spirit-filled message detailing who Jesus Christ is and what he did for us.  Taking a moment to simply testify of our heart and Savior was certainly memorable and impactful since the Spirit so clearly confirm and the truthfulness of our words.
     The next day we had zone conference which is always a little fun.  This time though we were kicked out of the church for surprise fumigation and then got to watch smoke billow out of the church for 40 minutes. So we then continued the conference outside in the hot noon sun and Elder Parkinson and I were then chosen to demonstrate how to teach the Restoration in front of the whole zone. It was certainly the hottest, sunniest lesson I’d ever taught. We then mercifully were able to return inside to finish the training. So it was certainly a very unique zone conference, but the spirit was still there to teach us.
       Then the next day we had interviews with President Marler during which we discussed giving our heart to God. It isn’t enough to just do what we’re commanded to do, if our hearts, and desires aren’t in it. Thus the scripture states that we’ll be judged according to our works and the desires of our heart. We must strive each and every day to fully deliver our hearts up unto the Lord until we can say that we’ve had a “mighty change…in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually,” (Mosiah 5:2). A task that’ll require daily exertion for the rest of our lives, but so is the requirement to eternal life and exaltation.
       The following day Elder Parkinson flew to Lima to finally obtain his visa, so I spent Thursday with Elder Johnson who is serving nearby in Chocope and he’s been in the field for 22 months. We had a great day together which included a lesson with Rosa who I hadn’t taught in a month. She required some coaxing to sit-down with us, but she did. We then read 3 Nephi 11: 1-11 with her and helped her understand that Christ is the light of this world and that he is the light that dispels the darkness that seemingly envelopes our lives at times and that at times we might find ourselves directionless in turbulent seas of tribulation. However, his light can be seen in the distance giving us direction. In which he tenderly beckons “come unto me.”
     Following such an invitation leads us closer and closer to his ever-illuminating light, dispelling the mists of affliction that can envelope. The spirit was so strongly present changing R’s countenance and she could finally understand coming unto Christ because the spirit established such a truth in her heart. With this understanding she made the sacrifice to come to church and she told us after the 3rd hour that all of her worries and stress were wasted away. She saw the distant light and adjusted her course to come unto it.
     Later that night Elder Johnson and I then participated in the ward talent show which was very well attended. We acted out a fairly funny act which led to the death of our investigator and my own, to which Elder Johnson and I sang “God be with you till we meet again” with my playing of the guitar.
     This past Saturday we also had all of the zone’s missionaries come here to help us invite people to our ward conference and to update our ward’s directory. It was very successful since in just an hour and a half we were able to properly update the majority of the directory (no small task in Peru) and find many people to teach. It was exactly the boost this area has needed and we’ve already been able to find some very prepared individuals. The Lord is pouring his spirit in our ward and with those we help seek spiritual light in the path toward Christ. It has been great to start finding investigators and lessactives that haven’t been taught hardly ever before whom the Lord is preparing.
     Well those are some of the things to help to set his week apart. May each and every one of you we find this next week to break from the daily routine and make it count. I thank each and every one of you for your support.


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