Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2, 2015 The Start of the Holiday Season

     Yet another week has hurried by and with it the end of October. So Happy Halloween (a few days late..)!  Now November has come around as we’ll start another holiday season and I’ll be starting another Peruvian summer.  This past week was definitely a good one full of more memories to carry with me into the future. It was a great way to end the month.  The mission provides so many spiritual and temporal lessons/experiences which will mark the future, or futures.  I liked the words of Elder Holland when he said that every good decision he has made in his life has stemmed in some way to what he learned some years ago in streets of England.  We are better molding ourselves in Christ’s tender hands for our eternal potential and helping others start the same process of mortal perfecting through the great Mediator of all mend.  What a wonder it is to take a step back at times to see life from a more eternal perspective.  However, perhaps I’ll narrow that perspective back to this past week.
     On Monday we headed over to a small nearby lagoon as a zone. Stuffing so many missionaries into a handful of motorcycle taxis was fun, but we eventually got there.  One of the elders in the zone is a very good cook and made us some exceptional chicken tacos with Café Rio style tortillas.  They were very, very delicious as Mexican food is unheard of down her. We also had some fun afterward playing game like capture the flag.  Later that night we had a family home evening with the Diaz Leon family that was very special.  Paul has been working up north in Piura and only can come down once every 2 weeks for 2 days.  He might continue as such for 6 months, so having him present on Monday meant a lot. We prepared a message about eternal families and the divine, eternal potential of their family and how their family can be sealed for time and all eternity. It helped to invite the Spirit even more in this family that is striving forward despite the many trials they face.  That in spite of it all, they take another small step each day toward entering the house of the Lord as a family.
     We returned to Y’s home on Saturday with another family from the ward. We shared a brief message about following Christ’s example through the first faithful step of baptism and then pressing forward.  Then in the spirit of American tradition, we carved pumpkins for Halloween, which some members picked up in Trujillo. It was fun to teach Peruvians how to carve pumpkins and to be a little different I decided to form a missionary pumpkin. I only had 2 minutes to make it but it still worked out.
     I also had an exchange on Friday with Elder Peek from California. He started the mission at the same time as Elder Parkinson and is part of my district. They were together in my area and the Lord was kind to bless us with a day full of appointments and spirit filled lessons.  It is always a challenge trying to teach with another missionary you’ve never worked with before but the spirit compensates and mad up for the rest.  We had an especially spirit filled lesson with W. He has a lot of real intent and is keeping his commitments to read and attend church, so when we taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ the Spirit was almost obligated to be there since Walter is doing his part. From there the rest of the exchange went by well and it was great to better know Elder Peek who has progressed a lot as a new missionary.
     M who I mentioned last week has continued to receive us with the biggest smile dropping anything to converse with us.  She is clearly coming to feel the Spirit more and more in her life. She didn’t sleep very much on Saturday night because of a nearby party, but she still came to church and loved it. Perhaps one of the things I love most of being a missionary is being able to share the unique joy that we feel within the gospel and then see it enter or reenter into the lives of other like M.  How I love helping other partake abounding spiritual feasts that Christ offers us if we come unto Him, living up to our infinite potential.
     I hope you all start November right, enjoying every day that we have left in 2015. I thank you all for your support. I Cuidense!
I Hasta el proxima lunes!


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