Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 23, 2015 Another Wonderful Week in Casa Grande

     It’s hard to believe that this week will bring with it Thanksgiving, how the holiday season sure has come fast. As I’m sure many of you can guess Peru doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’ll just move on to how this last week went. I mentioned last week how each day and week there are unique experiences waiting for as and this past week was no exception. Elder Parkinson and I continue to work hard here in Casa Grande strengthening this part of the Lord’s Vineyard. We’ve been seeing more and more success as we become united in all we do. When we first started some three months ago, we could easily see that we were very different individuals. However we worked hard from that day to find common ground and learn to work in unity, having fun. We’ve had success in such and are loving the work here together working hard to achieve our goals. For as Christ said, “If ye and one aren’t mine, ye aren’t mine.” Unity is so important especially as missionaries so we can put all efforts toward the same goal, enjoying ourselves as we do so, thus being enabled be on our abilities by the spirit.
     Last day we head up to P which is just a little north of Casa Grande. There we got together as a zone to spend some time together. While the rest of the zone played soccer, I helped Elder Priatt (the zone chef) prepare some barbecue chicken pizza which actually turned out to be really tasty. It was by far some of the best pizza I’d in Peru. Then we had a cool family home evening with E, who recently has been reactivated. We spoke a little with respect to the Plan of Salvation and about how it should guide us in all that we do. Understanding where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going certainly helps us to look at things from a larger perspective and help to focus on what really matters. How important it is that we use each and every day to help us in our eternal progression rather than simply becoming overly occupied with other things that don’t have as much eternal significance. With all this in mind, E and Y have been pushing forward reading  their scriptures each day and magnifying their respective callings.
     As missionaries there is a lot of joy in seeing the spiritual progress and converts. This past week the R's family went through a very tough trial as Louis was rushed to the hospital with his appendix at the point of bursting. He was put through emergency surgery and all went smoothly. It was a hard trial for the family, but I was very impressed when they told me that they were glad to go through it as it helped them see the importance of family prayer and scripture study. Despite all the inconvenience that such a trial had, they immediately chose to look at it from the larger perspective and used it to better center their family on Christ. It showed a lot of spiritual maturity, knowing that trials can strengthen our faith and conversion rather than some excuse to give up.
     M is continuing to progress a lot as she is fully committed herself to the gospel. She’s the type of person who when she puts her mind to something does it with all she’s got. Thus it’s been with her return to the church after several years. She also referred us to another less active, V, who hadn’t attended church in over 10 years. She turned out to be really cool and still carried a testimony. We’ve worked with her with the ward’s help for the past two weeks and she attended church this past Sunday for the first time in a while, while 10 years! She later told us that the spirit touched her heart and it was a very positive experience. The Lord has been working miracles with less actives as well.
      Well I bid you all a great week. Enjoy Thanksgiving with hearts full of gratitude for what really matters. Next week marks the next transfer cycle so we’ll see what will happen to me… Happy Thanksgiving!

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